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  subwoofer box volume 
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david schultz Feb 26, 2008, 05:45am EST Report Abuse
Please bear with me as this is my first post & I'm a complete noob to diy speaker construction.
I,ve been toying for ages with the idea of building Sanders 10" sub using the Peerless xls and passive radiator & have finally decided to take the plunge.Whilst I have a fair bit of experience in furniture building, I'm lost when it comes to thiele-Small parameters etc.
Having decided to use 25mm mdf for the project in lieu of the specified 22mm, I set about changing the box measurements to compensate for the extra thickness and this is where I am becoming confused.It is my understanding that this sub is designed for a 30 litre box volume ie the internal volume of the box is 30 litres clear of internal bracing and displacement of the actual drivers.However , the box volume of the original design by my calculations is 33.006 litres minus 2.778 litres of bracing giving 30.228 litres without taking into account the displacement of the drivers which I am sure would be far greater than 0.228 litres.Thus the box volume would be far less than 30 litres.
I am sure my calculations are correct but maybe my understanding of the design concept is wrong.For instance is the displacement of the drivers supposed to be ignored ?If not, how does one determine this volume.Am I being too particular with these measurements ?How much leeway if any would be permitted to the specified 30 litres before performance would be affected ?
These questions may appear to be elementary to most of you experts but any help would be greatly appreciated .
Many thanks,



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