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  How to manage music in Dell MediaDirect 
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Afrow UK Jun 17, 2008, 06:26pm EDT Report Abuse
I got my new Dell M1530 on Monday and one of the first things I did was to use SyncToy to synchronize my music library from my desktop to my laptop. With that done, I shut down the laptop and booted into Dell MediaDirect (this is a separate button by the on/off button). It then scanned my computer for music. Looking through my library, about a dozen albums had no album art and I had a bunch of Vista music samples (as well as sounds from Vista itself). I tried right clicking on these items but there is no right click menu. Opening an album also reveals no option for renaming or deleting tracks and albums.

How to manage your MediaDirect library.

It's not easy and I wouldn't recommend doing it unless you really need to.

Before you start, make sure all your music has been assigned an album GUID for album art to show in MediaDirect. You can do this from Windows Vista (your main boot) in Windows Media Player using the Find album information function. Music that has album art assigned but not an album GUID will just have a hidden 'Folder.jpg' along side it in Windows Explorer (as well as the desktop.ini which maps it onto the music file). True album art images will have a GUID in their name (such as {3F2504E0-4F89-11D3-9A0C-0305E82C3301}) and this tells you that this particular music file (or album) will have album art in MediaDirect.

Note: You have to turn on show hidden files and folders, turn off hide protected operating system files and turn off hide file extensions of known file types in the Folder Options > View tab.

1. Stick in your MediaDirect install CD that Dell should have given you. We need to use the MD3Utils.exe executable on it.

2. Open Command Prompt (from Windows key + R) and type E:\DellKit\MD3Utils.exe /MAPMD3=F:
The hidden MediaDirect partition is now mapped to F:. It is FAT32 and only has a 2GB capacity therefore you should really leave it alone! I found deleting files actually led to file system corruption (which luckily is fixable using chkdsk /f).

4. Navigate into F:\WINDOWS\system32 and rename taskmgr.ex to taskmgr.exe. DO NOT DELETE IT!

5. Shut down the laptop and then press the MediaDirect button to boot into MediaDirect.

6. Once MediaDirect has loaded, stay on the main menu and press Ctrl+Alt+Del to see Task Manager pop up!

7. Go to File > Run (New Task) and type wmplayer and hit enter.

8. Now, using Windows Media Player (version 9 for me) you can import your media from your main drive (will be D: now) and manage it how you like. Although Dell has not documented this at all, MediaDirect uses the Windows Media Player database in your application data folder, therefore what you change in WMP will also be reflected in Media Direct.

There is one other problem however with album art in MediaDirect. Although it does get the album art from WMP, it saves them forever in its own folder on the hidden partition! If you have to delete the album art cache, you can do so from Task Manager (while booted into MediaDirect and on the main menu).

1. Go to File > Run (New Task) and type explorer and hit enter. You will see the classic Windows Explorer window pop up. Navigate into C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Local Settings\Application Data\MediaDirect and delete the AlbumArt folder.

2. Close the windows down and go back to MediaDirect and click the Music icon. Notice it will take a while to load because it is re-caching the album art from WMP!

Will hopefully help someone one day lol


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Adam Kolak Jun 17, 2008, 06:38pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: How to manage music in Dell MediaDirect
Funny, I just got a Dell XPS M1530 today.

Adam Kolak
Moderator, Hardware Analysis
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Greg M Jun 18, 2008, 12:25am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: How to manage music in Dell MediaDirect
My XPS M1330 comes in next week! :)

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