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  Windows sometimes takes 10 min to shut down. 
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Edg0020 Jun 23, 2008, 12:33pm EDT Report Abuse

Once in a while Windows Vista takes a long time to shut down the computer. It only happens sometimes. I don't know what can be causing this. Anyone have any idea?

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john albrich Jun 23, 2008, 07:27pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Windows sometimes takes 10 min to shut down.
Are you running any 3rd party "clean-up" before shutdown programs? For example, there's a program that each time you shutdown the computer, it checks to see if defragging would be beneficial (or it might be on a schedule). Either way, it may decide to defrag the drive before completing the shutdown.

Have you enabled any Windows "clean-up" options (like purge the pagefile, web-history, temp files, etc?

Depending on your settings, your hardware specs and configuration, and just how much you've done in a given session, the time to "clean-up" these files could vary anywhere from just a few seconds to quite a while.

Edit to add-
Are you always doing a complete shutdown, or are you changing your "shutdown" option? For example, do you simply put the computer to "sleep" one time, and the next you "hibernate" or the next you do an actual total shutdown? The time it takes for the computer execute each type of "shutdown" varies...sometimes by quite a bit.

Edit to add-the defrag example of a 3rd party pre-shutdown program that could take 10 minutes every so often (but not every shutdown)

Edg0020 Jun 23, 2008, 08:10pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Windows sometimes takes 10 min to shut down.
I am using Vista Manager. I don't know if maybe i enable an obtion like that.

Could it be possible if so what do i need to do to stop it.



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