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  Sick of my Treo 800w 
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Jared McQuade Oct 29, 2008, 11:22pm EDT Report Abuse
I just compleatly hate my treo 800w by now. I am blaming it running on windows mobile. Anyways i've had the phone for about two months now and the first thing that annoyed me is that I can't send and mms messages on it. The first few days I was pretty happy with it gps wifi sprint tv all very nice. Then without installing any new programs it started to slow down. I would get frustrated with texting when I would have to wait for the phone to catch up. I've had to soft reset the phone pretty much every day due it it being slow and such. About one month into having the phone suddenly out of nowhere my texts would not send. I could receive them but when I went to sent they wouldn't even show up in the chat window. So I took it to sprint they worked on it for about an hour and finally just hard reset it to make it work again. Which of course means I have to set the settings back up for everything. That kept the phone happy for about a day where the old problems would come back up. Just today the phone got slower and slower. So I figured hey delete all the text messages maybe make it speed it up. So I chose purge all for the text messages let it sit for 3 hours on the charger and came back to the phone. Of course it was frozen! Couldn't do anything could go through the menus at all. So I tried soft reset. This time when the phone came back up it wanted me to reconfig the screen. So I did and when it got to the today page thats all I could get. I could scroll up and down the today page but couldn't open anything or open the home menu. So about then I wanted to give my treo a free flight across the room the go chill with Mr. Wall but I gritted my teeth and soft reset it about 8 times. Still no results. So finally I hard reset my phone again and of course it's back up and working minus all my contacts of course. I am really getting sick of this! I'm pretty sure this has something to do with the windows operating system. I am sure missing my treo 680 right about now where I would only have to soft reset it about once a month and never had to hard reset it even after having it about a year. Does anyone think Palm screwed the pooch on this one becuase I'm pretty sick of it and about to see what else sprint has to offer me. And is anyone else having these problems with their Treo 800w. I really don't know how much more I can take of this god awful operating system.

Edit: I did not save any more than 3 pictures on my phone that I took so it cannot be because I used up all the memory with pictures.



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