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  Compaq Presario F500 has repeated problems turning on 
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Laptop Willie Aug 11, 2012, 10:59am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Compaq Presario F500 has repeated problems turning on
Fred Clark said:

Thank you to all the posters for your ideas. My mother's F500 would not turn on and was cycling through a re-boot every 20 seconds as reported by others.

I closed the lid and flipped it upside down. I took out the battery and unplugged the AC. I held down the Power button for more than 20 seconds. I don't know if this did anything special.

I tapped with my knuckles around the vents, the fan area and the other areas (I guess there are motherboards, etc inside these screw-in lid sections), to try and dislodge any dust or if anything had got stuck. I don't know if this helped.

Then I got a blow dryer and blew out the vents and blew into the vents around the fan for about a minute. Hot air. The area around the fan was hot to the touch after this. I don't know if this really helped.

Then I flipped it back over, plugged in the AC and it booted up, with the screen receiving power again for the first time in hundreds of re-boots. The battery is still not in. I'll put it in now. I saved all my Mum's stuff onto a Flash Drive. All good right now. Fingers crossed.

Two things you did that helped. One that didn't. Using the hair dryer to blow out the vents and tapping to try to loosen any dust was a good idea. The bad idea was using the hair dryer on hot. The problem you described is a classic system of over heating as a result of poor air flow. Blowing threw the vents I'm sure helped this. Backing up is a great idea at anytime. to help reduce this problem, I suggest using a coffee filter over the air intake. Instructions are on my web site for doing this. Check it out.

Laptop Willie
check out

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