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  Finally.... G.G.'s New Computer :) 
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G. G. Feb 03, 2009, 02:11am EST Report Abuse
Hey all....

You guys been hearing bits that I have been building a new computer since beginning of Dec. Yup.... I finally got around to saying... "That's it.... I need to get off my buttocks and give myself an updated system".. This new system is to replace my old Intel 650 (3.4ghz), Abit AS-8, 2Gb corsair XMS DDR-400, and All-in-Wonder X800XT...

My new system's components:

Intel Q9550 quad 2.83ghz 12mb cache
Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3R mb
Sapphire HD4870 1GB w/non-reference cooler
4GB Corsair Dominator DDR-2 1066 5-5-5-15
Creative X-Fi Titanium PCI-e
Pinnacle HDTV PCI Tuner Card
7 port Firewire/USB 2.0 PCI Card
OCZ GameXstream 700W psu
2 x WD 640GB Caviar Black WD6401AALS 32mb cache 7200rpm SATA 3G
2 x Optiarc DVD+RW DL burners
Nippon Labs ICR-EE All-in-one USB + FDD1.44" Card Reader w/ 3.5" FLOPPY DRIVE
Coolit Freezone cpu cooler
Scythe Kaze Master 4 channel fan controller
Microsoft Sidewinder X6 Keyboard
3 x 120mm and 1 x 140mm AeroCool Turbine fans
Cooler Master CM Media 282 case
Vista Enterprise x64

Hopefully the above will hold me over for the next 3yrs.

I would like to share some pictures of my new system.

Tell ya one thing... hardly anymore room to stuff any more goodies in it. only room for 3 more hdd and 1 pci slot left.


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BoT Feb 03, 2009, 03:24am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Finally.... G.G.'s New Computer :)
hot dang GG. that is some really nice work you done there. the paint, wiring etc
i like the lights too. how is the coolit unit? looks like you had a tight fit there but it all worked out.

this should be in the case gallery. :)

we have a case gallery right?

You can either be part of the problem or be part of the solution.
Codisha -
Reviews -
micro Feb 03, 2009, 03:25am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Finally.... G.G.'s New Computer :)
You always do such a nice job on your cases :)

Its good to see that you stuck with forton, as i know your 500 watt has served you well for so long. Your new psu is the upgrade to my current one. For those who dont know "ocz" and "forton" psu's are the same.

Do you have to build a new one for the mrs now?

I see you have your bling also (stickers).

Does your lcd show all 4 cores?(on your case) I know that my g15 keyboard does on its lcd.

Good job on the making the clear/plexiglass side panel.

GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3, 2600k @ 4.0
16 gig Corsair Vengeance
Evga gtx 260 216, samsung 2253lw"
Baracuda 7,200.12 CoolerMaster 212 +
Win 7 64, fsp fx700-gln, Razer DA,G15
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wlk Feb 03, 2009, 07:34am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Finally.... G.G.'s New Computer :)
Looks good, do you mind me asking the total build cost?

AMD Athlon 64 X2 6400+
MSI K9N Platinum SLI
4Gb Corsair XMS2 DHX 4-4-4-12 (2 x 2Gb)
1 x 500Gb Seagate 32mb cache
2 x 200Gb Maxtor HDD's
1 x 512Mb BFG 9800GTX+ OC
630W Coolermaster PSU
22" Samsung 2232BW Monitor
Sean Costello Feb 03, 2009, 10:03am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Finally.... G.G.'s New Computer :)
well done, sir.


Story of My Life-
TamTheBam Feb 03, 2009, 10:04am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Finally.... G.G.'s New Computer :)

....I'm back, but only as a part-timer... :)
FingerMeElmo87 Feb 03, 2009, 10:55am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Finally.... G.G.'s New Computer :)
jesis chreist dude. not on does it look beast but you some how stuffed it to the brim with everything manageable including the kitchen sink (i saw it). Nice color, nice components, excellent cooler, kitchen sink, particle accelerator... Nice choice sir.

Phenom II 720 BE @ 3.41Ghz w/ Zerotherm Nirvana NV120
G.Skill 2 x 2GB DDR2 1066 @ 5-5-5-15
VisionTek HD 4850 512MB GDDR3
500GB Seagate 7200.12 - Windows 7 RC1
Hiper Type-R 580 WATT PSU
G. G. Feb 03, 2009, 10:56am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Finally.... G.G.'s New Computer :)
Thank you BoT, micro, and wlk !!! I really appreciate it.


Building this system is definately a very tight fit. In my situation, I needed a desktop case. When it comes to desktop case, there are a very limited choices when you are looking for cooling effectiveness, number of external 5.25 access, and overall size to house all the components like its tower counter part without resorting to lesser components when doing a HTPC. There were some great desktop chassis that I ran across but they were in the 300 bucks and above catagory... The Cooler Master CM Media 282 was a good chassis for a tight wallet. All in all, I was able to wedge all the stuff that I wanted into it. Challenging at times, especially with the wiring... but as always, the wiring can be improved further.

Oh the Coolit Freezone... it works pretty well.. Right now, the adjustable setting is set at mid ways to full cooling and my Q9550 idles at 30~31C with a temp of 42~43C at load. It can cool another 5C (both idle and load) if I set it to full cool but I am keep it a middle settings for now. It is a nice novelty item and my feet dip in water cooling. One thing for sure, when the Peltiers kick on.... the blue water tanks on each side gets really cold like cold to ice in a glass of water cold. Originally my Coolit system was outfitted with a 92mm fan... I didnt like that and wanted a 120mm fan instead. What I did was adapt the Freezone with a 92mm to 120mm funnel/fan adapter.... But since I was limited in space.... I mounted the fan adapter directly to the back of the case and then mounted the 120mm fan to the outside of the case. It worked out well.


My FSP Blue Storm Forton 500W have definately served me well.... Actually after the 2yrs mark, about 9 months ago, I purchased the OCZ 700W to replace the Forton 500W because the 500W'r was acting up. It was giving me intermitted non-power up issues.... this issue would appear once every couple of weeks for about 3 months or so.... I purchased the OCZ 700W in anticipation of the Forton pending death.... BUT........ after 3months ... the issue disappeared... lol.... go figure... But thats ok... The OCZ 700W is being used in the new system... the only thing I am concerned about is if the OCZ 700W can handle all components that I have installed... I'm hoping that it will do ok... but I might have to start looking at a more beefier supply in the future.

As for the Mrs..... hmmm... yes.. she get an upgrade from my out going stuff and the kids gets her stuff.. So in a way, they get upgrades.. for example, the Mrs will go from a Intel 3.2 socket 478 to a Intel 650 3.4 socket 775, her ATI AIW9800pro will move up to a ATI AIW800XT, and 512mb of memory will move up to 1GB of memory all with a reload/refresh of XP Pro. The kids will go from small e-client Intel 1.8ghz, 512mb, and onboard video to a 3.2ghz Intel, 1GB mem, and ATI AIW9800pro... The Mrs and kids will see a nice preformance increase, especially the kids.

Stickers.........hmmmm... i'm not for one with stickers... but, this go around.. I decided to add some... but as you noticed, the three stickers that I have are placed on the backside of a door so when the door is closed, you dont see them.. lol... Oh by the way... did you noticed the logo/picture placed just above the i/o card at the back of the case? I made that on photo paper. heheheheh

The LCD does not display information about the individual cores... The information about the cpu is more general. It does have a slew of other information that you can configure... But I guess it all revolves around the software on what type of info that can be displayed on these VFD display...


the cost?..... hmmm... let me get the calculator out... wow..... for the stuff listed above, looks like I have invested ~ $1950.00 oooppppsssss...... no wonder my right butt cheeks was getting a rash... it's because my wallet was getting red hot from the funds being pulled from it... now where did I put that rash cream... hmmm


G. G. Feb 03, 2009, 11:23am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Finally.... G.G.'s New Computer :)
Thank you Sean, TAM, and Finger !!!!


Aye Aye, Capt ... hehehe.. it is the most involved build for me to date... and it was fun doing it. Heck, even with this build, I have learned alot and could have done certain things a little more different.


I'm definately hoping for a good 3 and above years run on this build. That is why I try to buy the best components that I can. As for the Dominators, since I am not really a OC'r and getting it may be a overkill.... It is nice to have a component that is capable of OC'n if I need or want to. Its the quality of the component that is important when it comes to longevitiy.... Build timing... yes... it is the best time to build a new system because you can get the best products for the best possible price... just right in front of the release of new technology. In this case the out going Core2 line and DDR-2 vs the incoming Nehalem and DDR-3 when it comes to pricing. Plus you get the best of the best of the out going stuff vs growing pains of the incoming new stuff. Also, one thing that I have learned is that if you can keep your hot spots as cool as possible, all the better for longevity. All the different components in the system runs extremely cool without the noise.


heheheh.... you saw that kitchen sink in there did ya... it was tough shoe horning it in.. but I did manage to squeeze in a mini microwave and a mini frig too..... LOL.....


Meats_Of_Evil Feb 03, 2009, 12:43pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Finally.... G.G.'s New Computer :)
congratulations G.G you must be happy like a child in christmas now that you can finally do anything you want with your Pc. In fact thanks to that video card and Tv tuner it's an entertainment center :_)

Would you mind explaining how that tv tuner works? I'm quite curious myself. Is it something you connect to your satellite or cable box receiver and shows up in your Pc? Meaning that you can record programs like tivo does and then encode them or such things?
I would love to have one . :)

Now... which online game will you like a challenge on? I still owe Elmo a COD4 match but sadly all of my stats and weapons were erased when I reformatted the Pc. But! I can still move like a ninja in the game, which is good!

Bring it!

Everything I write is Sarcasm.
FingerMeElmo87 Feb 03, 2009, 12:54pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Finally.... G.G.'s New Computer :)
Meats_Of_Evil said
Now... which online game will you like a challenge on? I still owe Elmo a COD4 match but sadly all of my stats and weapons were erased when I reformatted the Pc. But! I can still move like a ninja in the game, which is good!

all you need is the MP5 so quit your b*tching woman and lets do this

G. G.
how was the case modding process? how did you paint it? how did you cut the case? did you detail the process anywhere?

Phenom II 720 BE @ 3.41Ghz w/ Zerotherm Nirvana NV120
G.Skill 2 x 2GB DDR2 1066 @ 5-5-5-15
VisionTek HD 4850 512MB GDDR3
500GB Seagate 7200.12 - Windows 7 RC1
Hiper Type-R 580 WATT PSU
Plug & Play Feb 03, 2009, 03:05pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Finally.... G.G.'s New Computer :)
Thats is a solid soild build very nice....I hate all desktop cases I really do but as it happens that is the nicest one I have seen. That will last you alot longer then the 3yrs G.G...Is there anything better then seeing all lovely NEW GEAR on the floor and a fresh install...NOPE!

If you did not have to get a desktop case what one would you have got....?

And all the pics absolute STAND UP job......10/10 ;) And as Tam said absolute best time to build....maybe a 280 nvidia over the 4870...but I am not sure of the price. :X

BTW, how do you find the TV Tuner..was gonna get me one of them if they worth it.

i5 2500K @ 4.8Ghz- Corsiar H50 WaterCooler- Coolermaster Realpower 1000w- Asus P8P67 Deluxe - Asus 6990 4GB - 8GB Corsair DDR3 2000Mhz - X-Fi Sound - 7.1 Surround Speakers - BenQ 24" TFT - G9x Mouse- G19 Keyboard
Suspended User Feb 03, 2009, 06:30pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Finally.... G.G.'s New Computer :)
Man, that's nice G.G.
Congrats on the build, enjoy it!

G. G. Feb 04, 2009, 01:33pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Finally.... G.G.'s New Computer :)
Thank YOU :) Meats, Plug, and Kieran !!!

Sorry I wasnt around as I was out of town all afternoon, matter of fact I didnt get home till 11pm last night... Went to visit my mother as needed to take care of some paperwork for her and to visit her.. I do this once a week to week and half every since the passing of my father 1yr ago. Its a long day when I go to visit because of the 1.5hr distance to where she lives.

But anyhow.....


Like any new build, the build from scratch fun kinda ends when all the stuff you want to encompass is all put together and built up with the software.... it still fun because it is a new machine but just not to the level as during the construction of it. But..... I will have a little more fun when I start to upgrade the Mrs and the kids's systems.... hehehehehe

A good gaming video card and a TV tuner is Definately a combination that equates as an entertainment center. With a good build, you have a machine that can game, watch tv, function as a PVR, video editor, and all the things that a pc can normally do.

With a TV tuner/capture card ... It takes signals from, OTA (over the air) signals i.e. analog or digital, satellite and cable box signals, and external signals i.e. vcr, dvd set top, or anything with video and audio ..... all to be displayed on your computer to which you can just watch or record for later usage. Yes, a TV tuner card can be used as a PVR like a Tivo. The success of a TV tuner/capture card all stems around the software that is used. Crappy software will make the use of this hardware a not so pleasant experience.. Kinda like Plug + GTX295 + nVidia's drivers type of situation..... :P Most of the time I use the TV tuner card to watch tv programs. You can view it as a window of different sizes or as a whole screen. One neat thing you can do if you have two monitor available is to have the TV program on one monitor and do other things on the other monitor.

currently I have BF2 and HALO installed.... I have ET:Quake Wars and BF2142 that needs to be installed at some point.... But the game I dont have but really want is COD 4....


in regards to the case... Well, the first thing you want to do is think up of a design, theme, mod, or whatever you want to do with that case i.e. extra holes, color scheme, extra accessories, etc....

Holes, I use a dremel with a cutting disc to start my cut... then I cut using a jigsaw with a blade made for metal cutting with high number of teeths for smooth cuts. just work it slowly. For long cuts... fix an edge as a guide for the jigsaw to keep the cut straight. After the cut, go over the edge with a file to smooth it out further. Square holes are easy... as for round holes... well... it all depends on the radius.. A jigsaw will be able to do a large round hole but when the hole gets smaller, there is a point that the jigsaw will not work and you will have to resort to a sawhole or dremel with cutting disc. Just take your time in cutting.

Paint..... before any painting.. all parts needs to be washed and cleaned free of any oils or just plain dirt... first thing is to primer the parts... then paint the parts with thin multiple coats with drying times in between coats. The finish will work best with multiple coats vs one big glob runny coat. After the painting... it is best to put a outer hard coat over the paint by using some sort of clear polyurathane either in glossy or semi-glossy finish to protect the paint.... paint by itself is soft and will chip and get buggared up if left unprotected. As with the painting... the clear coat needs to go on as thin multiple coats and drying time in between. Doing the case takes alot of time so be patient.

Plexiglass for a window... you can use a jigsaw with a blade with LOTS of teeths... protect the surface on both sides with tape. Blade speed needs to be just enough to cut but NOT too fast that it melts the plastic. The motion of the Jigsaw is steady and slow.. The size of the square and holes still applies as to which tool you can use.

The one BIG important note about modding your case when it comes to cutting.... MEASURE, MEASURE, MEASURE....... many times..... CUT once.... :blush:


Desktop case is really a tough cookie to pick when you are trying to take cooling performance, component capacity, features, and especially "LOOKs" all into account. And when it comes to astetic appearances.... that is so subjective.

The reason I chose the HD4870 over the GTX260 216 is because at the time, the 4870 was a better pick for the games I am interested in and the price was a tad lower. Both card's performance are very comparable to each other trading slaps. As for the GTX280... couple of problems with this card... first was the price.. it was way more than both HD4870 and GTX260 216 at the time..... second.... the GTX280 will not fit into my case... or at minimum the cooler will be up against a hard spot in the case... As with any computer junk when it comes to pricing.... a couple of months ago when I order the parts up until now makes alot difference. With the exception of DDR-2 memory.... hehehe.. My memory went up by 25.00USD.. wow...

I love having a TV Tuner card functionality... Gives you another reason not to get off the computer.. heheh.. Having a tv tuner card started with me when ATI gave birth to the All In Wonder Series of card. I had probably 75% of all the models in this series. There was a cult following this line of cards... but AMD killed this series.. Bitches.... hehehehe.. There are pros and cons to having a all in one type of card But anything you get is going to have pros and cons to it too... I have used USB stick and USB tuner before with varing success. But the ones on the I/O slots are better. ATI AIW series of gpu cards are .... ummmm I mean were great when they existed. It all depends on the signals you can give to the card and the quality of the software supporting these cards (tv tuner/capture) will determine your experience with them. So far to date, I have been very happy with them. The current HDTV card that I am using from Pinnacle so far is doing very well... The picture im getting from OTA digital is excellent. Very sharp... But that signal all depends on the antenna you have to be able to pull all in..

Oh by the way... I remember you asking if I was able to get a tower case and as to what type I would choose.... hmmmmmm.... that is a very tough question... to tell you the truth... I really dont know what I would pick because there are so much cases out there that I like and it would be hard to just settle on one.... I would be be changing out cases on a yearly basis.. It would be like a woman that love shoes ... let loose in a shoe store and telling her that she can choose anyone but only can bring home one.... she will go nuts....
But here is a case that I read about that I would be interested in. Its the Cooler Master Sniper - To me it has clean lines, cpu backplate access without removal of mb and I like the large fans. As mentioned.... there are alot of other tower cases that I like, just too many to mention.


Feb 04, 2009, 01:46pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Finally.... G.G.'s New Computer :)
G.G., congrats on the new build, ands**t man, I'm glad to see some people around here do some cable management. :_)

Plug & Play Feb 04, 2009, 01:55pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Finally.... G.G.'s New Computer :)

Very good...G.G, I will have to hook up with you on BF2142..its a shame you dont have COD4 as I just got it and I am a private online so we could RANK UP together!

i5 2500K @ 4.8Ghz- Corsiar H50 WaterCooler- Coolermaster Realpower 1000w- Asus P8P67 Deluxe - Asus 6990 4GB - 8GB Corsair DDR3 2000Mhz - X-Fi Sound - 7.1 Surround Speakers - BenQ 24" TFT - G9x Mouse- G19 Keyboard
G. G. Feb 04, 2009, 02:58pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Finally.... G.G.'s New Computer :)
Thank you McFly !!!

yeah.... cable management is something that is important... even now... when I look at my new setup.. I think to myself that I could do something different or better.... heheheh. but one thing for sure.... when cables are laid out neatly... it makes the look of the whole system that much better.


There are two servers that I attend regularly on BF2.. Type in MOON in the search field.... look for Moon server Mostly OMAN.. my brother and I do this server... plus he is a admin of this server. The other server that comes up under Moon has the word CHOPPERS only or something to the sort in the title.... I like this server is because each side has tons of choppers in them... take your pick... ehehehe.. get into a chopper, get killed, respawned, jump right away into another chopper.... I like flying or being the gunner of the chopper. Let me know if you are going to do BF2... we'll have to hook up.

As for COD 4.... yes... I have to definately get it... and give you all some practice.


mothow Feb 04, 2009, 05:40pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Finally.... G.G.'s New Computer :)
G.G that look totally sweet.I think that will last you a while.And i think you made a good choice with those WD 640 AAL's over the AAK's.

ASRock Z97 Extreme 4 / i7 4790K / Corsair H80i / 4x4GB Crucial Ballistix Smart Tracer DDR3 1600 / 1TB Western Digital Caviar Black / 240GB Mushkin Chronos Deluxe SSD / 2x Evga GTX 670 FTW 2GB in SLI / Sound Blaster Recon3D Fatal1ty / Corsair HX1000w
FingerMeElmo87 Feb 04, 2009, 05:45pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Finally.... G.G.'s New Computer :)
CoD4 noobs :P 5-Stars of awesome right here ladies. whenever you want it, let me know

Phenom II 720 BE @ 3.41Ghz w/ Zerotherm Nirvana NV120
G.Skill 2 x 2GB DDR2 1066 @ 5-5-5-15
VisionTek HD 4850 512MB GDDR3
500GB Seagate 7200.12 - Windows 7 RC1
Hiper Type-R 580 WATT PSU
Meats_Of_Evil Feb 04, 2009, 08:35pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Finally.... G.G.'s New Computer :)
Damn it Elmo If i had my Pc right here in my apartment you'd be in a tough spot! Just wait till Friday night or Saturday when I'm home! >:o

Everything I write is Sarcasm.
FingerMeElmo87 Feb 04, 2009, 10:28pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Finally.... G.G.'s New Computer :)
hmm, why am my even acknowledging a can....

Phenom II 720 BE @ 3.41Ghz w/ Zerotherm Nirvana NV120
G.Skill 2 x 2GB DDR2 1066 @ 5-5-5-15
VisionTek HD 4850 512MB GDDR3
500GB Seagate 7200.12 - Windows 7 RC1
Hiper Type-R 580 WATT PSU

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