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  FOR or AGAINST = Capital Punishment 
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Suspended User Jan 27, 2011, 10:31am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: FOR or AGAINST = Capital Punishment
tara w said:
So, here to present the truth about the Death penalty, we can talk about the theory and why some people believe it should kept for a long time, but people you need to face the truth about the flaws of a death penalty system instead of getting angry and ignoring the seriousness of the flaws:

If you have a death penalty system, innocent people will inevitably be convicted, this has happened and continues to happen all the time. Regardless of DNA advances, innocent people continue to be exonerated as innocent. Everyone will be SURE SURE, and they'll have all the evidence and then 10 years later they're proven innocent, and that persons life totally destroyed, some of their family members may have died, gotten sick, relationships with children and partners hindered, There was a condemned man, for murder and rape of a child, they were SURE he did it, he spent 10 or 15 years in prison to be found innocent later, in prison to be a paedo is the worst, you will be constantly abused and attacked by others, he came out of prison with severe psychological problems that no amount of compensation will ever fix, 10 or 15 years of mental and psyhical abuse is not something you can forgot.... And remember THEY WERE SURE he did it.

Politicians in California have even said that they use the DP as a political tool

It is usually only given to poor people, because they can not afford good lawyres unlike well off people who can buy their way out a death penalty conviction, therefore it is applied unequally on an economic basis, rich people don't get the death penalty cos they can afford good lawyres

The death penalty is more likely to be given to someone who kills a white person than a black, therefore it is racially applied

It does cost more to have someone on death row, as there are more expenses involved in research and more legal fees, as well as higher profile judges and lawyres required, its a long process which eats up tax payers money - According to reports done majority of police believe that the money used in death penalty could be used to improve communities and security.

There are groups dedicated to anti death penalty murder vicitms, they've lost people dear to them and instead of lashing out in revenge to seek the death penalty they acknowledge that there are better ways to deals with people who kill another, they seek alternatives, cos nothing can ever bring back a loved one. By executing another you're causing pain on someone elses family and friends... and what did they do... nothing

Many of the people who were involved in reconstructuring the death penalty system in the 70's, after they have stepped down have said its a broken system that is racist, bias against the poor, condemns innocent people and sometimes kills them, is riddled with judicial flaws all along the process,

And just to say it no one has the right to take anothers life, no matter the crime, you don't kill to show killing is right,

People never have the chance to turn their lives around either, there was a guy 18 or so, he killed his parents in a santanic ritual, he was really influenced by this as a teenager, he spent his life in prison after that, grew up into a normal guy in prison and by time he's execution came up, he posed no threat to society and executing him proved no point, he was a messed up teenager who got into some bads**t, but turned into a normal guy who could of had a positive life if the system wasn't so f**ked up

We as humans are not perfect and to think that a law system constructed by us is aswell is stupid, the death penalty is irrevocable, once its done you can't change it.... So lets stop talking about hypothetical situations and what ifs and start to look at it for what it is, as well as acknowledging that we are not perfect, therefore nothing is!!

This is the US, I could go on to talk about all the political prisoners, journalist, drug traffickers, religion prisoners who are executed else where in the world, but I'll stop here, read this properly and start researching what the DP is really about and how it works. Even if you agree with the theory, remember theres a big difference between theory and practice, and the system can never be SURE, so start questioning it

So you're saying it's a good thing?

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Plug & Play Jul 15, 2011, 01:51pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: FOR or AGAINST = Capital Punishment

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