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Jan 25, 2010, 02:26pm EST Report Abuse

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<a class= Jan 25, 2010, 03:29pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: McFly's Laptop Quest 2010
Why not get Toshiba instead? I keep hearing all these people raving on and on that tosh is the best for laptops.

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G. G. Jan 25, 2010, 04:16pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: McFly's Laptop Quest 2010

I have the HP 6910p for the past two years. I love my laptop and it is very well built and durable. The keyboard is very nice with that texture surface. The rubberize pad buttons, after awhile does not bother me and after two years, still holding up well. So far no signs of that shiny worn in look. My lid lock is the sliding lock type... it holds well and still working just fine. I have Vista loaded and it works well. No issue. My screen resolution is 1440x900 and it looks fine. Crisp and clear. Basically it is a workhorse.

Why dont you look at the newer EliteBook 8x40 models. I believe when we talked about this last, those laptops has the higher resolution than you required in LED format.

my vote is for the EliteBook.


~Vel Jan 25, 2010, 04:53pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: McFly's Laptop Quest 2010
Concerning the ThinkPad, I know there are a few programs to remap keys for Windows, I'm sure there must be some options for Linux. The only real issue I've come across with laptops with an 'oversized' battery is that they don't always fit into a laptop sleeve. It's annoying at first, but it's easily ignorable (at least for me).

Jan 25, 2010, 05:04pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re:

G. G. Jan 25, 2010, 05:24pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: McFly's Laptop Quest 2010
McFly said:

G. G. (24435) said on Jan 25, 2010 at [i]01:16pm PST:
Why dont you look at the newer EliteBook 8x40 models. I believe when we talked about this last, those laptops has the higher resolution than you required in LED format.

Because they're *gulp* 16:9. I hate 16:9 for a computer.


Oh yeah.... that's right.... they switch from the standard format over to 16:9... would have been better if they did 16:10.... If you get the 15.1" over your original 14.1"...... that would help not make the 16:9 so bad since it is on a slightly larger screen. In otherwords, less squished... :/


Suspended User Jan 25, 2010, 05:25pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: McFly's Laptop Quest 2010

My 2 cents

2 year warranty, led lit keyboard, good processor, accidental liquid spills of up to 120cc on the keyboard etc etc and ASUS, by far, make the most reliable laptops...and its 16:10

G. G. Jan 25, 2010, 05:36pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: McFly's Laptop Quest 2010

Not sure about ASUS's Business line but this fella, Patrick Norton of Tekzilla on Revision3 website - says in his experience, that 50% of all the ASUS laptop that goes through his hands has broke within a year and that they feel cheaply built. Dont remember which episode it was in... hmmm... its one of the latest episode that I saw it. It could be the consumer line that he was talking about... just dont quite remember...


Suspended User Jan 25, 2010, 05:48pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: McFly's Laptop Quest 2010
They feel far better built than Lenovo or HP. EEEPC's don't lol...maybe he was talking about those POS

Sean Costello Jan 25, 2010, 06:51pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: McFly's Laptop Quest 2010
good ol Pat Norton, always liked him since his Tech TV days.

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BoT Jan 25, 2010, 07:39pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: McFly's Laptop Quest 2010
whats the price range?

i have been looking at ASUS laptops. the UL80V in particular.

there are some pretty affordable i3 and i5 laptops coming out
acer just release a string with i3's

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Adam Kolak Jan 25, 2010, 08:41pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: McFly's Laptop Quest 2010
McFly, I think what you really want is an Apple MacBook Pro! ;)

Just kidding, I'd buy the Latitude E6400 for its good battery life and solid hardware at a fair price. I would guess they are not built was well as a Thinkpad, but from what I read they are much better then Dell's consumer laptops (like my XPS M1530 which is a mixture of good and crappy materials in a rather non-sturdy design).

Adam Kolak
Moderator, Hardware Analysis
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Shawn Langley Jan 26, 2010, 05:41am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: McFly's Laptop Quest 2010
The Latitude has my vote,

However to toss it into the mix, I'm waiting Apples Tablet Mac to see how well it turns out or;xtcr=1
Always fancied an Alienware

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Beavis Khan Jan 26, 2010, 09:07am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: McFly's Laptop Quest 2010
I should have a couple E6400 machines in next week, I'll let you know how they are. They'll be running Win7 x64 and not Linux though. FWIW I believe all our D630s have had Alps trackpads and they're not so bad. I mean, they're trackpads, so they suck by definition, but for trackpads, they're not so bad :P

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Jan 26, 2010, 04:40pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re:

Jan 28, 2010, 03:45am EST Report Abuse
>> Re:

Dr. Peaceful Jan 28, 2010, 06:47am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: McFly's Laptop Quest 2010
I have direct experience with the Thinkpad T400 and the Latitude variants.

Personally, I think the Dell's better looking than the Lenovo. The T400's battery life sucks, even with the biggest battery (9 cells?). That battery not only sticks out but also "curved" up a bit, very ugly looking. The T400 model I used have one of the most unreasonable configuration ever in laptop design -- the SD card slot's inside the battery compartment. Yes, you have to remove your battery to stick in your SD card!! WTF are they thinking?!!

The Latitude I have (15.4") provides a lot better battery life. Its LCD screen is a lot better for the eyes than the Lenovo's, provides significantly better colors and brightness. But it does have a very shaky Wifi card, drops out on me all the time! It has rubber feet on the bottom, so it won't slide. The lid surface is slippery on the other hand. If you put a stack of documents on top, while the laptop's inclined, they will slide off. The lid is quite thick and protective. It latches in the front center with a metal ring to plastic hook configuration. The keyboard surface is smooth, with just a tad bit of roughness. The laptop dock, if you wonder, is a bit too simplistic for the Dell. You need to line up the center line of laptop (indicated by a hardly visible tick mark on back center of lid) to the center line of the dock, precisely! The Lenovo's dock on the other hand is a lot more robust design, with more ports and locking mechanism (not that you can prevent people stealing it, LOL). I am not sure how much difference, though, between the 15.4" and the 14.1" Latitude models.

Between the Dell and Lenovo, I would take the Dell any time. Any time! But as you're throwing the HP into the choices. I am not sure, since I never use the HP.

If you can't decide which one, go ahead and get the Mac Book Pro, McFly. "It just works. Really." XD

Full quote from here:
"Unlike other computers that require you to spend hours configuring devices, a Mac connects to your digital camera, wireless device, or external drive and just works. Really."

Marketing sh*t from Apple, sicks me.

Jan 28, 2010, 12:37pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re:

kOrny Jan 28, 2010, 12:48pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: McFly's Laptop Quest 2010
get an iTampon

~Vel Jan 28, 2010, 01:14pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: McFly's Laptop Quest 2010
McFly said:
Well ... once again, this is getting complicated for me.

I got a look at a ThinkPad T400s (in person) today ... it's beautiful:

Headphone jack is where I like it (on the left), no battery sticking out, multitouch pad, eSATA, DisplayPort, powered USB port, mmm. Although, it is lacking two things for me: it takes a 1.8" hard drive, and only has an integrated Intel GPU. I'm not a big gamer, but I would want something a bit better to rock UT2004 and drive Compiz smoothly.

The newer version, the T410s, supposedly has an nVIDIA dedicated GPU option, but I don't know where they would have found room to put it inside that chassis! But the new T410s also supposedly doesn't have screen latches, it just lays there when closed ...

*sigh* Too bad I'm not a Mac guy ... I could just buy whatever Steve Jobs told me to.

Er, the T410 is available. Core i7 and everything. The T400 also has a discrete graphics option.

I think that's the way to go.

On the other hand you could always get a refurb MacBook for $850. :P

Dr. Peaceful Jan 28, 2010, 03:17pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: McFly's Laptop Quest 2010
McFly said:
Are you sure it wasn't the SIM card that is under the battery and not the SD card? On the T400/T400s that I've seen, the SD card readers are on the left-hand side. It makes sense to put something a little more permanent like a SIM card under the battery, but not an SD ... :~

I'll be damned. You are correct!
From here:,38000103...24p,00.htm
"All models support mobile broadband via an Ericsson Wireless WAN module. The SIM card fits into a slot under the battery."

The T400 I used before did not come with SD card slot on the outside, that's why I think that. There's no label for the SIM slot, besides a picture of a retangle with a missing corner, looked pretty much like SD symbol. But the slot was indeed too thin for SD.

That's cool, it can turn the laptop into a cell phone. Holding laptop against ear... "can you hear me, now?!" ;) XD

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