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  Need help diagnosing my pc 
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Navthep Singh Jul 09, 2010, 02:19am EDT Report Abuse
Hey guys, my com has been behaving strangely. I'll be summarizing it as follows :
1) After using for a month after buying, it became abit slow and less responsive. When i tried to defrag the hard disk, i got a blue screen error, so i have to restart my com (same happens when i try to defrag sd card)
2) The com would restart after sometime of usage, esp when multitasking (chat, downloading movies n watching movies at the same time.... or any kind of multitasking.....also while playing games)
3) Got no choice, so i reinstalled windows with my own CD, previously it was pre-installed with the com
4) Same thing happened, but a little new tip. i hear strange sounds coming out from the case, like a sound you hear while shooting with a vaporizer in a sci-fi game
5) I got sick of multitasking, so I download a movie using IDM, and it displayed error stating the hard disk needs troubleshooting, in a way, my hard disk is messed up
6) So i gave that hard disk to my dealer, he says he'll claim and get a new one in 2 weeks, so now i am using only one hard disk instead of 2
7) To no surprise, same thing happen but without IDM error. My com restarts after using for sometime!!!! I got a respond saying tht its overheating, so I put a fan near my com....seemed to improve
8) Few days back, while listenin to song, i got this blue screen message
9) Now I don't get any error, but again my com restarts after using for sometime. I still hear strange sounds, I think its comin from hard disk.

I am sure it is not virus, as i use NOD 32. And i download movies from megaupload. This computer is custom built, so maybe the problem is with hardware. I have been downloading movies for a long time, and there is no problem mentioned in my old PC. I also checked my registry and cleared all errors.

My com :
Win Xp SP3
Ram : 4GB ddr3
Hard disk : WD 320GB SATA
Power Supply : 530 W
Video card : nvidia geforce gts 250
CPU : Intel i5

please help me fix my com. thx!!

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bossa ritchie Jul 09, 2010, 07:48pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Need help diagnosing my pc
You may have a few problems there, is the system a custom built one or is it a brand name like DELL, Acer etc etc.

The fastfat is a problem related to Fat32 when you should be using NTFS as your file system since you have XP.

running chkdsk from the windows CD in windows recovery console may help you never know your luck.

you can download a diagnostic tool for your hard drive from the makers website and give that a run.

If you CPU is overheating then your PC can throw up all sorts of errors a better heatsink and fan may fix that, an overheating CPU can throw up loads of different errors pointing to different parts of your system.

As always run a check on your RAM theres a few out there you can download and stick on a disc, with BSOD RAM and a Windows re-install are in general the first things folks do.

When did you buy the computer also, if it's fairly new I wouldn't touch it I would just take it back to the shop as there is obviously a problem so you going to have to go back at some point anyway.

If you just bought a few parts for an upgrade and your system was working fine before it I would just take the parts you bought back.

And as for the 2 weeks for a new hard-drive thats bullshit he should have given you a new one on the spot and he should be waiting for the replacement, you would have been quicker going to Western Digitals website and making an RMA from there.

Navthep Singh Jul 10, 2010, 01:15am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Need help diagnosing my pc
Thx for the reply. This com is custom built, not branded. And yea even i think they should have given me the hard disk immediately, but here in my country most of the shops are like this. If you don't have a hard disk to use, they will give you a temporary one to use while waiting. Anyways i bought this com sometime towards the end of may. When i have them for checking the first time (before i gave them the hard disk), they said its just windows error. They reinstalled windows and gave it back to me, but while using at home, the problem persists, until i got the hard disk error. Believe me or not they did not speak a word when i showed them a picture of the IDM error message. I think they are just sellers with basic skills only. That is why i am trying to fix it myself. Anyways I'll try checking the RAM with "memtest" for the moment.
I came across this test for CPU, called "stress test". Do you recommend me to do it? Thx for the help.

Navthep Singh Jul 10, 2010, 01:22am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Need help diagnosing my pc
Sorry i forgt to mention - i downloaded a game (counter strike source), to kill time. While installing, i got a CRC error, looks like some extraction error. What confuses me is i downloaded the files from the same link i downloaded on my friend's com, and there was no such error while installing in his com. What do you think of it? Is it the hard disk or i should download again?
BTW, copying files seems to be slower than usual (even after re-installing windows). Its like the time taken for the data to be written is taking more time. With i5 CPU and 4GB ram, it should be a lot faster. During the first weeks of using the com, it was real fast.

bossa ritchie Jul 10, 2010, 06:13am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Need help diagnosing my pc
You say you have a Western Digital Hard Drive, go to their Website and download the diagnostics tool and give that a run, you can put teh Model Number in and search for it at the website if you are unsure of what Drive you have.

Check your CPU temps, take note and then just do a quick google on your temps to see if they are high or normal, you can download Prime95 thats good for testing your CPU or you can just run the Stress Test.

But as I said before I would take it back to the shop and leave it with them to sort, it looks like your CPU and Hard Drive(s) may be broke.



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