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  BioShock - Infinite Debut (Outstanding! Owns) 
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Meats_Of_Evil Aug 17, 2010, 12:23pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: BioShock - Infinite Debut (Outstanding! Owns)
Michael I do have to agree that the gameplay in Bioshcok 2 was far better than the first game. My melee options were all I needed to feel like a powerful Big Daddy. Now, funny thing about Oblivion is that I got bored with it lol. I bought it on Steam for $8.50 and I got a lot of expansions and whatnot. So I got the Knights of the nine armor early in the game story and I believe that was my mistake. The armor was so powerful that I just didn't have the need to try out the other ones which sucked a little since the element of scavenging was lost. I started playing Shivering Isles but got bored quickly, though the world looked awesome. I also was about to finish the normal story. One thing this game did was make me want to play Morrowind which I abandoned long ago since I find it too hard and too much stuff to read lol.

Everything I write is Sarcasm.
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Michael C Aug 17, 2010, 12:35pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: BioShock - Infinite Debut (Outstanding! Owns)
lol Meats! Honestly at this current time, I cannot play Morrowind or Oblivion over again. I already played them twice at least, but I couldn't do it again. I still give the games credit, they are great and original with HUGE open...ness. Still classics in my book. The thing I love about the games is the creatures you can run into, and the ablity to create any sort of class you wish. And summoning creatures to fight for you, so damn cool.

LEntless Aug 17, 2010, 05:47pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: BioShock - Infinite Debut (Outstanding! Owns)
Well, I got two years to beat BS2 now. Sweet.

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