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  Latest OC on T-T-B's New Build Nov 11 
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TamTheBam Nov 29, 2010, 04:40pm EST Report Abuse

It's a 4GHz OC. Nothing amazing to some. But I started tinkering with it last night, and got
to 4.0GHz in no time. Overclocking on the Rampage III Extreme's no mean feat. It's a bit
too easyish. I'm a bit lost at the moment, because there 's so fookin much to tweak it's like
christmas if you know what I mean. So much pressies to open. This's what it's like with this

Anyway, over the newt few weeks, I plan to get to 4.50GHz and possibly higher with
a new cooling loop, etc. This board can get to over 5GHz - i know there's no way I can do
that and keep it stable, but the options are there already. When I say over 5GHz, I mean
this actually is easily achievable. My lasy MoBo the Commando would only go up to about
4GHz and it would stop. There was nothing more I could do. Anyways, here's some
pics of the CPUZ and Validation and check out the temps. Nice! How long can I keep those?

That 4GHz was in the space of an hour. That was all the time I had and that was all
I wanted to push at this stage. Primed for an hour n half and kept very stable.

It's not a bragging rights thing. Because 4GHz is easy to get to these days, and nothing new.
I'm just posting about how easy I got to it, and the stability's amazing. That's about it.

....I'm back, but only as a part-timer... :)



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