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  Dolby Digital Not Working on MPEG Project 
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Tried Before Jan 15, 2011, 09:26pm EST Report Abuse

I have very limited knowledge about the whole a/v recording and creating DVDs. My goal is to take an MPEG movie on my computer, turn up the volume and slap it on a DVD.

I acquired a video in some unknown format. I'm guessing it was used with MPEG-4 Part 2 codec, aka the Xvid thingy. I used a converting program and converted the video to an MPEG, using MPEG2VIDEO codec. The video and sound work fine in Windows Media Player.

However, when I try to use Windows DVD Maker, I got an "unknown error." During the encoding process before it burns to DVD.

So to troubleshoot the issue, I opened up the MPEG in a video editing program. I then tried to turn up the volume. It says the audio type is Dolby Digital Audio. I then tried extracting a sample of the audio and it is dead silent!

So does anyone out there have any idea what the issue is and or how to solve this problem?


(Computer used for this is a Windows 7 machine)
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john albrich Jan 15, 2011, 10:09pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Dolby Digital Not Working on MPEG Project

It's possible you're running into an HDCP (Hi-bandwidth Digital Content Protection) mechanism. Content protected by that might let you transcode to a 2-channel stereo audio stream, but would prevent encoding Dolby quality content.

However, it could also just be a codec or content header issue.

A good resource for info on codecs and working with them is at the Doom9 website fora. There are people there who do a lot of video/audio work and would likely have specialized knowledge about this type of situation. I would imagine it's something audio/video types would run into more often than us often more focused on hardware types.


edit to add:
I noted you're doing this on a Win7 system, so you might want to look at this. I don't do any audio/video work and have not looked into the issues and claims of this program's author re: Win7 codec usage. They might even discuss this issue more at and how it might affect transcoding.
Preferred Filter Tweaker for Windows 7 4.0 [ 754 KB | Freeware | Win 7
Windows 7 uses its own codecs for decoding several audio and video formats. Using third party DirectShow filters instead of the native filters is not possible without making difficult changes to the Windows Registry.

Tried Before Jan 17, 2011, 08:22pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Dolby Digital Not Working on MPEG Project
I tried a work-around. I used a converting program and it turned my audio into LPCM audio. So now I have MPEG-2 Video and LPCM Audio, tried to burn it again with DVD Maker, similar error. Still wont burn. Plays fine though (both audio and video). I'll go look at that other forum then...



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