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  equivalent transistor 2N6678 
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suparno suparno Jan 29, 2011, 07:45am EST Report Abuse
equivqlent 2N6678...

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john albrich Jan 29, 2011, 02:15pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: equivalent transistor 2N6678

I earlier replied to your PM on this topic and pointed you to an "equivalent" NTE transistor. . I don't know if you got my reply.

If you need more cross-referenced parts, the best way to find them is to go to other electronic distributor websites and search for them. Distributors in a given country may not carry the part, but may be able to order it for you if you can't order directly from a given website.

Also, you may be able to substitute parts that are NOT exact replacements but exceed the specifications for the part you're looking for. For example, a 500Vceo part may be used to replace a 400Vceo part if the other parameter specifications are similarly acceptable. And, if a linear part is being used in a digital circuit, the gain might not be a factor in using the part.

Sometimes you simply have to bite the bullet and take the time to sit down and locate and read through all the specifications of a couple dozen parts to see if any might work in place of the part you are replacing.

And if there is a particular type of circuit you are working on (e.g. a CFL excitation circuit or a high-power DC motor control circuit) then you may find more information (and practical real-world alternatives) by searching for hobbyist websites and fora that deal with the topic rather than the specific part. For example, one can find a LOT of info on parts used in building DC motor control circuits at Remote Control Airplanes/Cars hobby websites (e.g. Or even popular "magazine" websites like "Nuts and Volts" (

Sorry I couldn't help you with the SL-1626 IC but as I pointed out it may not have a replacement part. It is an obsolete part. It may not even have a "close" match as people likely stopped designing new circuits using it some time ago.

However, I did find out one manufacturer was Plessey, which made some ICs that may or may not be useful and may or may not still be available. TBH, I didn't check much further, figuring you could probably deal with that part of it.

The following are NOT listed as SL1626 replacement parts. I'm just providing them as something you can look into for more research leads or possible use. Since the SL1626 is "or'd" with the SL6270, that suggests the 6270 MAY be compatible. But, I don't know whether or not it too is obsoleted and unavailable. It's just another lead.
Plessey SL1612, SL1621, SL1640 or SL1641, SL6310, SL1626 or SL6270

Again, good luck.



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