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  Intel to Ship 10-Core CPUs First Half 2011 
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john albrich Feb 19, 2011, 11:32am EST Report Abuse

These "Westmere-EX" Xeons bring AES-NI to enhance crypto speeds.


Socket-compatible with existing Nehalem-EX (major selling point?)

2TB support for dual-socket systems

Market focus is on multi-socket servers, and each core can run 2 threads. So a single 8 socket board could run 8sockets X 10 cores X 2threads = 160 threads

edit to add:
Another interesting observation:

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Meats_Of_Evil Feb 20, 2011, 04:56pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Intel to Ship 10-Core CPUs First Half 2011
Lol @ all the peeps who bought sandy bridge! Really this is going to fast. I have a Quadcore and the gain from going from a single core to a Quad were incredible but this? When the desktop versions arrive they will be pretty useless for normal use imo.

What would you use your cpu for if you had a 10 core john?

Everything I write is Sarcasm.
john albrich Feb 20, 2011, 05:12pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Intel to Ship 10-Core CPUs First Half 2011

I think the only folks who use this type of server farm are:

Google, iTeam-Obama(TM), Wal-Mart, DHS, the China "Education" Institute, Mossad...and maybe some porn sites? j/k

Me? I'm currently just futzing around developing a very low-budget (but decent) HTPC that can be easily replicated. I've even been playing with a 2.7GHz Sempron 140 !!! every couple of weeks or so FFS.

edit to add:
I thought maybe I should call it "iTeamO", but then realized maybe Oprah already has that one :)



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