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  Sand Bridge...Isn't is messy or what? 
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Zero Mar 19, 2011, 06:08am EDT Report Abuse
Hi guys,

It's been a while since I logged on.
How is everyone doing?

How about McFly? I read a thread the other day...I am not sure what is going on,
but is he leaving the forums or something? Did u find McFly yet?


I am really is been like that for while.
My life seems to be taken completely by my job.
Working for 8.5 or more hours a day and even when I am at home, work seems running
through my head. I miss the fun years. I am 28, I shouldn't feel bored like this for at least another 22 years.
I hardly used my GTX 285 last year. Played a few games...but it is not as fun as it used to be.

Back to the topic....

A year and a half a go, I bought a dual core E5300.
I am still running it nicely @ 3.6 GHz. When I purchased this processor,
I had in mind that Intel would drop prices for quads and I can make
a somewhat cheap upgrade. I was wrong. Intel is not dropping anything.

Initially, I thought that if Intel drops their prices, I will upgrade
to quad core, buy a cheap Mobo and stick the E5300 in it and use it
as a secondary system to replace my P4 system, which I use for some light tasks.

That's does not look to be happening anytime soon as quads prices are not dropping.

So, I am bored, I have money and Sandy Bridge is here.

I was thinking of upgrading to Sandy Bridge. But it is confusing.
We have H67 and P67 chipsets. H67 allows GPU overclocking, but not CPU overclocking.
P67 allows CPU overclocking, but not GPU overclocking (like it is needed on such a GPU).
Normally, the obvious answer is the P67.

Now, comes Quick Sync. For me it is something I want to use.
Using a P67, you lose Quick Sync, right?

Then LucidLogix comes and gives us Virtu. Why?
As it turned out, if you have an H67 and want to use Quick Sync,
you have to hook the monitor to the Mobo's display port. That means
you cannot run a discrete video card at the same time when you want
to use Quick Sync. You have to keep switching between the two manually.

So, the Virtu software will help you connect your discrete card and
run Quick Sync at the same time. Not really the best approach, but
you get to use the card and Quick Sync, but no overclocking for you
because you are running H67 chipset.

So, does Virtu allow you run a discrete video card and Quick Sync at the
same time on a P67? I don't know...but probably not.

Then comes the Z68 chipset, which allows both CPU and GPU overclocking.
using Virtu, you get to use a discrete video card, overclock and Quick Sync.

BUT, the Z68 is not coming until two months at least. Another 2-4 weeks to
get here in the Saudi market.

What was Intel thinking?
A better question probably is, what was Intel somking?

So, it comes to this

H67 = Discrete video card + Quick Sync - Overclocking
P67 = Discrete video card + Overclocking - Quick Sync
Z68 = Discrete video card + Overclocking + Quick Sync + Wait for a While (2-3 months)

That's not all.

There is Ivy Bridge and the new LGA 2011.
Ivy Bridge AFAIK is going to use LGA 1155, but will not be compatible with H67, P67 or Z68.
LGA 2011 will be the new socket for high-end processors.

Now, it is as messed up as I think it is?
Or is it me? Am I over thinking this? ( I tend to do that)

Should I wait for a Z68? Or for Ivy Bridge? Or for LGA 2011?
Or should I just drop the whole thing, stick with the E5300 (it is doing a good job) and save my cash?

Sorry for the long post. :)

Intel Core i7-2600K.
Gigabyte GA-Z68X-UD3H
Gigabyte GeForce GTX 285
4 X 4 GB G.Skill DDR3-1600
2 X WD 320GB @ 7200 RPM
2 X WD Green Power 1TB
2 X WD Green Power 2TB
OCZ GameXstream 850W



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