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  Computer crashes occasionally after logging in 
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Roddney L Mar 23, 2011, 05:32pm EDT Report Abuse
Im sorry guys if im posting my problem in the wrong forum but I went with the best choice offered. Also sorry for large post but the more info the better ;)

My problem here is that I can't find the cause or solution to fix my computers problem.
My computer tends to freeze up or crash a few minutes after logging in. Thinking this was a program starting up causing conflicts I re-booted into safe mode and switched the start up to a clean boot via msconfig. This didn't seem to change anything for me however.
My computer freezes at random making this much harder to locate for me. Sometimes I can boot it up and it work perfectly fine without a problem.

I've recently replaced my computers stock power supply for one with higher wattage and a dedicated graphics card other then integrated so that I could play a larger variety of games in high - advanced settings. Thinking that the old power supply may have been failing perhaps the newer one would solve any problems my computer was facing (slowing down, freezes, artifacts)
The artifacts went away with the new graphics card and things seemed fine for awhile, then the freezing came back (slowing seems to be normal for any windows OS).

Temperatures are in check at idle and all but the gpu stay nice in cool when gaming. The gpu is not the problem since 70c is considered safe by Nvidia and other people, so we know that over heating cant be the problem here. (I have recently went on a big clean making sure no trace of dust was left on the underside of the gpu, cpu fan and the underside of the mother board or anywhere else)

Scanning with my AV Norton came up with nothing and also other "safe" online scans have came up clean (because I know Norton isn't the "best" AV out there but it does a good job)

Maleware bytes came up with 2 problems from the registry; Since Maleware bytes removes and doesn't repair it had actually removed 2 very important files to my registry and my computer wouldn't start up properly so I had to restore back when the files still existed.

I have used Ccleaner and Advanced System Care to repair and clean my registry of any un-necessary files and dead file paths.

Indexing and defraging the hard drive has not fixed my problem to (but actually sped up the start up process of my computer from 27 seconds to 20 seconds, bravo)

Now when did the freezing of my computer occur? About 5 months ago when I decided to give google desktop a try. I installed the program and let it index some of my files for better search performance and It seemed really nice at first; until the next day when I switched on my computer and It wouldn't start for nothing in the world (after trying to log in this would occur). I removed google desktop in safe mode which didn't fix a thing so I restored my system back before I downloaded google desktop (always create restore points before installing a program).
This fixed the problem for me and all has been fine until it came back with a vengeance one day 4 months later. Instead of blaming google desktop thats when I bought the new power supply and display card.

Since any of my efforts to stop this from happening have failed I haven't much of a idea of what could be causing this other then bad memory, a dieing cpu, or a bad hard drive.

I have yet to give memtest a try to test for bad memory. I have used the Hardware diagnostics program my computer came with (since its easier to use and doesn't require to make a CD) and it comes up clean for ALL of my hardware. I know this program isn't as intensive and precise as memtest but does anyone else have a idea what else could be causing this?

Ive looked into failing capacitors and how they can cause sparatic problems; but have no idea on how to test if its going bad or not (my PC is only 2 years old)

Additional info - - My computer tends to crash shortly after logging in or during a game.(Not everytime a switch it on)
I use a On Screen Display that shows my PC health, CPU usage, Memory Usage, Fan cycles, and Temperatures while in game so that if it ever freezes I can see what the last known temps and cpu usage was.
When freezing there are no artifacts or fuzziness to the screen, it remains still in its last state and the sound will loop in very fast Intervals. The small CPU light or HD light (still don't know what that flashing little light is to) also stops flashing all together. All controls are unresponsive and the computer doesn't come out of its trance unless switched off from the button. After manually switching it off then back on (giving it a few seconds before switching back on) the screen will sometimes sit blank and the computer will not load up. Switching it off then back on a second time always does the trick, everything will load and it will be fine for use, gaming, and what ever else for the rest of the day.
Freezing normally occurs when the computer has not been in use for a suspended amount of time.

All drivers are up to date, fire wall up to date, and has service pack 2 for windows Vista.

Computer specs --

Pentium E2180 processor
integrated graphics using Intel GMA 3100 (NOT IN USE)
Nvidia Geforce GTS 250 1GB (IN USE)
Corsair CX 500 power supply
4GB RAM (3GB only used in Vista 32x)
IPIBL-LB (Benicia) Motherboard
Windows Vista Home Premium 32x SP2
500GB HD (205 GB's left)

Thank you and please help if you have any idea or solution,

Update - - My computer just today refused to load up after Microsoft Coproration. Booting under safe mode would not pass this load screen as well. Recovering was the only choice I had and the recovery feature restored my computer back to factory settings; removing everything I had! It gave me the recovery points that I have made but it refused to recover back to those dates, instead it chose factory settings and removing all my partions in the blink of a eye and no other choice but to move on with the recovery. Good thing though is the freezing hasn't come back but im warry of it returning any day now.

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PIRATE May 27, 2011, 11:43am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Computer crashes occasionally after logging in
This sounds to me like more of a hardware issue than software.

Did you by any chance touch a ram stick when installing your gpu/psu?

The slighest static shock to these damned things can cause them to stop working.

Or they could just go bad (happens, even with brand new ones)

I'd say first test your RAM then check for possible overheating. Whats the temperature of your processor?

Intel Core 2 6400 2.1ghz / ASUS SLI Deluxe / 4gb DDR2 800 G.Skill / ATi Radeon HD 3870 512mb OC / 7 years old Seagate Barracuda 160gb 7200
john albrich May 27, 2011, 12:03pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Computer crashes occasionally after logging in

I know some folks swear by ccleaner, but I and a number of people I know have had their systems trashed by the ccleaner specifically, and by other registry cleaners in general...even when used VERY carefully. Freezes, significantly slowed response, and failure to boot were unfortunately more often than desired results.

In a few cases even restoring a pre-cleaner registry backup wouldn't fix the problem and the only recovery was to restore from a pre-cleaner system disk total backup.

Roddney L May 27, 2011, 04:38pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Computer crashes occasionally after logging in
I re-installed Vista and it works fine now.

James Dean Aug 05, 2011, 09:14am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Computer crashes occasionally after logging in
may be this one will help you in resolving the problem you are facing....let me know if it helpful...

Roddney L Aug 11, 2011, 01:04am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Computer crashes occasionally after logging in
I bought Win7 x64. Nothing wrong since then :) (Except it tends to slow down sometimes)



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