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  Low virtual memory after format and partition delete. 
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Greg Dedman Apr 13, 2011, 03:29am EDT Report Abuse
Hi there guys,
A long long time ago I stumbled upon this site and it helped me a treat, now im stuck again and thought id turn to the experts!

Now dont get me wrong, my Acer Aspire 3000 laptop is OLD.
AMD sempron 3000 processor
40gb hard drive
256mb ram
Windows XP
10 essential programs installed

However, it was running fine and speedy despite being full of junk.
I reformatted to start afresh and purposefully deleted an unwanted partition.
Now that I have installed firewall, antivirus, pdf reader, openoffice, VLC and firefox it runs unusably slow. Often, the message pops up 'low virtual memory', windows works on it and makes it no better.

Ive fiddled with virtual memory settings, let windows decide whats best, reverted to default settings in BIOS but nothing is making a difference.

I know memory is very cheap for this laptop but I cant get my head around the fact that it worked fine with what it had before I reformatted.

I have a sneaky feeling that maybe when I deleted the partition, I deleted the allocated memory leaving me with the secondary partition and very little allocation?
Or i may not know what on earth im talking about!! :)

Any help or advice would be great.

Kind regards


I have just uninstalled microsoft antivirus and it appears to be running well again.
I tried Avast too and again had memory problems.
Maybe the laptop is too old for new antivirus software?!
Anyone recommend a low memory useage antivirus...or shall I just buy more memory?

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Chris M Apr 13, 2011, 10:55am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Low virtual memory after format and partition delete.
Try setting your virtual memory far greater than the Windows recommended. In the virtual memory settings, select custom size and enter 1024 in each field. This will force the pagefile.sys to be a static size of 1GB. As an added bonus, there's a slight performance improvement since Windows won't have to dynamically resize the virtual space.

Regarding your memory, if you're planning to use that laptop for the foreseeable future, I'd definitely upgrade. Here in the USA, I can get a 1GB DDR SODIMM for less than $50. According to the Acer support site, your machine can support up to 2GB.

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f2 machine Jun 11, 2011, 04:34pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Low virtual memory after format and partition delete.
1<if u use net delete ur temp files
2<defragement ur hhd
3< increase ur vitual memory



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