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  Is the Mother Board Dead? 
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Danielle May 07, 2011, 04:01pm EDT Report Abuse
Here's the specs:

Gibabyte H55M-UD2H motherboard
4 gig OCZ DDR3 gold series ram
Intel I3 processor
CoolerMaster 500w power supply
Acer LCD Monitor
LG Super Multi Blue Ray DVD combo drive
Sony Optiarc DVD combo drive

I was copying a blue ray disc which of course uses a lot of cpu power. About half way into the process the pc shut down and restarted. It started up fine the first time but then after trying to complete the same work I was doing the system shut down again, and kept restarting but no post. I tried to manually shut it down by hitting the restart button but it made this really loud beep (screeching noise). I turned the main power switch off.

I let the system sit over night and when I turn it on now it just restarts, the monitor says no signal, and it keeps restarting but no post or beeps. When I hit the power button on front of tower there was that loud beep noise and then I had to shut it down with power switch on back of psu. I tried taking the memory out and using one stick at a time but same thing.

I built this system about a year ago, and all was well except for the high cpu use warning when copying blue ray discs.

How do I get my pc to work again. Do I need another motherboard, or cpu? There are 4 lights on motherboard that are on when it's on. The cpu fan, psu fan, and 1 other case fan are all working.

Any suggestions would help. I've been researching the problem since last night.

Thanks... >:o

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john albrich May 07, 2011, 07:50pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Is the Mother Board Dead?

Is the loud "screeching" sound coming from the speaker(s) or from the PSU, or some other piece of hardware, motherboard, etc?

If it's coming from the PSU, it indicates either something in the computer has failed, shorted, or is drawing an excessive load for some reason. For example, ONE failure mode of a latent ESD failure is that it can cause certain components to draw excessive power.

It's POSSIBLE, though remote, that a CPU failure is causing an over-current condition on the on-board motherboard power regulation sub-system, which in turn is overloading the PSU to some degree. Faulty power regulation (and possible CPU failure) of course would likely cause failure to POST, whether the power regulation problem is in the PSU or in the motherboard's power regulation sub-system.

It's also possible the PSU itself has simply coincidentally developed a problem. An easy and fast diagnostic would be to test and/or swap-out the PSU if you have an alternate PSU available.

simple clarification of a couple items.

john albrich May 07, 2011, 07:57pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Is the Mother Board Dead?
Danielle McCully said:
...I was copying a blue ray disc which of course uses a lot of cpu power....

Actually, that depends on the program used and the priority assigned to the program's processes. Usually, on any relatively recent computer a simple copy operation from optical media (including Blu-ray) takes just a few percentage points of CPU power. Now if you're simultaneously transcoding, shrinking, or something, then CPU usage would increase a bit...but still in GENERAL, the CPU usage isn't usually all that high.

Also depends on what multi-tasking is going on as well, and of course if one is using an ancient CPU and one has VERY minimal memory (e.g. 1GB)...neither of which is an issue in your's CPU usage might also be higher than on a more recent system.

provided a bit more specificity relative to his specific configuration

Danielle May 07, 2011, 09:01pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Is the Mother Board Dead?
Thank you for the response. I use DvdFab to copy my discs.
I'll have to get another psu to check if it will work.

Danielle May 10, 2011, 10:45pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Is the Mother Board Dead?
Well I tried a new power supply, still no post or start up beeps. I also replaced the motherboard with a ASUS P7H55-M Pro, and it just starts the fans and no post,beeps and shuts down and keeps restarting,..

Could it be that the cpu is gone? Any other ideas??

john albrich May 11, 2011, 02:23am EDT Report Abuse
>> Basic System POST Debug Preparation

In addition to the CPU, a number of other things can also impact POST unpredictably and sometimes even intermittently: e.g. mis-inserted video card (or other card), bad memory module, shorts in wiring or between motherboard and case or other items and case, etc.

For the basic preparation for POST debugging, see:
Basically the thing is to get all possible non-essential hardware causes of failure out of the picture to determine core system integrity. Doing this also reduces the drain on the PSU.

Also look for signs of scorched or partially melted connectors/wiring.

Also, if you have multiple RAM sticks available, try them one at a time, repeating the attempt to POST.

If you get it to POST, then you add or swap-out items one at a time until failure returns.

Something else that has been becoming more of a problem lately is failing CPU connectors...with insertion misalignments resulting in mechanically and/or thermally (burn-through) damaged sockets and pins. Sometimes magnification can be required to see the damage. Of course, this sometimes means removing the CPU heatsink so you have to be prepared to use the proper instructions and materials to reinstall the heatsink.

There are quite a few detailed system debug tips and procedures throughout HWA. You can find many of them by simply searching in the upper right hand corner for
[system wont boot], [system wont post], [system debug process], and similar.

Danielle May 12, 2011, 11:15pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Is the Mother Board Dead?
John, just an update...

One of the OCZ DDR3 memory modules was bad. I bought another motherboard (ASUS) replaced the bad module, placed all the new and old parts in a new CoolerMaster mid tower case, added 2 more fans for cooling and away he goes. All is working properly now. What was interesting was I did try the swapping of the memory modules in the old mb Gigabyte, but I got no response. Even when I put the new modules in the old mb nothing happened. So it seemed worth the cost of replacing the mb also.

Thank you very much for your assistance.




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