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  Android 2.1 EPAD won't boot all the way up 
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RUDY RODRIGUEZ May 25, 2011, 05:50pm EDT Report Abuse
Ok I have a google android 2.1 operating system,only like 6 months old,most likely made in China,can't find any Tech support on these hardly at all,Problem seems simple enough but I can't figure it out since this is my 1st experience with one of these pads,and may surely be the last,anyway here is what happen and what it does,I was searching something on the internet and it locked up no problem just hit the reset hole with my special paperclip m40,just joking on the model there.anyway now what happens when i try to start it,The Epad screen comes up,then a looks like linux Penquin,then a black screen with it saying android and a blinking cursor,and that is where it stays,tried tying something just to see if anything happens,and of course nothing,it seems like it is software related like maybe a factory reload or something could be done,but good luck finding that,or maybe the battery is not really charging it,cant tell I have blue lights which normally means charged,so if you can help an old man with very little hair left solve this unique problem it would be greatly appreciated,thanks for looking and understand I am at my wits end on this thing

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Meats_Of_Evil May 25, 2011, 10:29pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Android 2.1 EPAD won't boot all the way up
Well I searched and searched and searched but its very hard to find an exact solution to these pads. I found a support page for the epads so your best bet is to email them or call them.

Maybe check tomorrow in the morning to see if their live support is available.

Everything I write is Sarcasm.
RUDY RODRIGUEZ May 26, 2011, 05:42am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Android 2.1 EPAD won't boot all the way up
Thanks alot that is more then I ever found I will send them an email since they are in China,but Its a shot so once again thank you Rudy

Lisa Demont Jul 23, 2011, 07:00pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Android 2.1 EPAD won't boot all the way up
You are not alone. I have now seen about a dozen people with the same issue. I have it too. I just read this problem could be from corrupt android update? 1 person said to download a new update to an sd card and then install to your epad. Im gonna try it, if it works Ill let you know.
Lisa ;):

john albrich Jul 23, 2011, 11:30pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Android 2.1 EPAD won't boot all the way up

I am NOT saying this is the case, but this is something to keep in mind re: updating devices that use Android.

Apple has successfully sued for copyright infringement re some Android products, and is pursuing additional litigation against companies that use Android.

Depending on what they do and when they do it (including the POSSIBILITY of impacting or preventing updates, or updating an Android machine causing a shutdown of an infringing machine), this type of problem could be seen more frequently in the weeks/months ahead.

RUDY RODRIGUEZ Jul 24, 2011, 06:44am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Android 2.1 EPAD won't boot all the way up
Wow I never would have thought that,I have luckily sold mine to a IT guy that is familiar with Linux,he was pretty confident he could possibly reload the boot.but have never heard back from him,I will definitely not buy another based on my last experience,however I want to thank you on your relies.and would like to hear anymore you have on this topic..Thanks Rudy



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