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  Computer restarting for no apparent reason - unique situation 
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Ben Brown Jun 11, 2011, 01:05pm EDT Report Abuse
I'm familiar with this problem, but the standard solutions aren't working. Any help is greatly appreciated.

I have a Compaq Presario X1000 notebook that's 4+ years old: Pentium M 2.00 GHz, 2 GB RAM, XP Pro SP3 (clean install 9 months ago). A week ago it started rebooting on me for no apparent reason, usually within 1 minute of the desktop screen coming up.

After looking around for a few minutes online on another computer, I unchecked the "Don't show BSOD" box. I have watched it restart a couple dozen times at least and never even a momentarily flashed BSOD that I have seen.

I then found a suggestion that I open a new Word file and type something random without saving so that it would ask me to save before rebooting. At that point the rebooting stopped, so I thought I found something useful as a temporary fix. The next day we left for a 2 day mini-vacation, and I took the laptop with me. But that night when I turned it on, even though the laptop had been in hibernation, it had apparently drained the battery. As soon as WinXP came up, I opened Word and typed a few characters to try the same trick, but it didn't work and hasn't seemed to have any effect.

It continued the loop rebooting that night until I booted in safe mode (with networking) [or when I was looking in the BIOS for 15 minutes or so]. The rebooting stopped and it has never rebooted on its own in safe mode, which seemed to indicate a software rather than hardware issue. I ran both Avira and Malwarebytes. Avira found two viruses (in a single file, I think?) and quarantined them, which looked hopeful and seemed to solve the problem, because I used the laptop in normal mode for a couple hours after that without any problems.

However, the next day we were back to the same problem again. Normal mode: rebooting. Safe mode: no problems. (There was one time when I rebooted in Safe Mode with directory services [if that's the correct name - I have no idea what that is] and it did reboot on me that time.)

A. So, it doesn't seem to be a virus (two good programs, both completely up to date with virus definitions) currently show my system to be clean.
B. It's not an overheating issue - it's fine in safe mode for hours and hours, but reboots immediately in normal mode after being off for a day.
C. It doesn't seem to be a PSU issue - I've used two different adapters (both from Compaq, identical specs) in three different geographical locations

Two main questions: 1) do you think that it might be a bad memory stick even though it works fine in Safe Mode? I haven't tried testing the memory yet cause I didn't think it would be mem if Safe Mode is fine. 2) If not memory, what should I try next?


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Ben Brown Jun 11, 2011, 01:13pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Computer restarting for no apparent reason - unique situation
Oh, one more thing. When I got home yesterday and set it back up at my desk, the rebooting changed to be only every couple hours or so; I didn't even see it reboot once, because it was always after I was away from my desk. But 3 days earlier it was rebooting every minute while sitting in the same spot and plugged into the same adapter. I've been in Safe Mode for the last 15 hours or so with no problems.

john albrich Jun 11, 2011, 05:16pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Computer restarting for no apparent reason - unique situation

If you want to test the hardware theory, run it using a live distro like Ubuntu or Knoppix...or even just a diagnostic like UBCD. Just get it out of the Windows environment.

If the problem doesn't recur, then your first assessment that it was software is likely the correct one.

Tennessee Jun 13, 2011, 09:59am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Computer restarting for no apparent reason - unique situation
You might also want to try disabling all of your startup items using msconfig and see if that gets you anywhere.

Its Fixed Dec 08, 2011, 12:22am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Computer restarting for no apparent reason - unique situation
I have a Dell i3 laptop. It gets shut down without giving any alert.. Please tell me what to do.



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