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  Computer glasses? 
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Michael C Jun 22, 2011, 07:33pm EDT Report Abuse
Over the last few months or so I have been getting severe burning, eye pain, fatigue and blurriness when viewing any computer or lcd screen. I've tried eye drops, blinking more often and other practices. I was wondering if anyone here has had to wear computer glasses, or even if there is such a thing to help with these kind of problems.

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Dr. Peaceful Jun 22, 2011, 08:03pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Computer glasses?
You need to check with your doctor, dude, seriously.

Michael C Jun 22, 2011, 08:32pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Computer glasses?
I went to the best eye doctor around and they did some steps, all of which looked normal. So now I don't know what to do.

micro Jun 22, 2011, 09:44pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Computer glasses?
I don't know if there is such a thing as computer glasses.

What i would do is:

1: Turn down the brightness and or contrast of your computer monitor.
2: Try using a light behind your monitor or behind you and see if either help.
3: Enlarge the type on your screen (ctrl + wheel on mouse) So that you don't have to squint.
4. Mover closer or further from your monitor.
5. Calibrate your monitor, check refresh rate (could be 59 rather then 60).

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john albrich Jun 22, 2011, 10:46pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Computer glasses?

Quality prescription "computer glasses" are basically just reading glasses, but optimized to a display being typically more distant from your eyes than a book. You may want to consider slightly larger lenses than you might consider fashionable. That will help reduce the need to move your head from side-to-side/top-to-bottom of the screen as can be needed with smaller lenses.

Also try lowering the gamma setting between 0.90 to 1.00, and then adjusting brightness and contrast to compensate.

A malfunctioning monitor backlight inverter can introduce subtle variations in brightness that you don't perceive when you look directly at the display, but might become more apparent if you look at an mostly white image on the monitor out of the corner of your eye.

Also, if the problem is worse on a specific display try not using that one for a few days and see if overall symptoms abate. The repeated stress from that one display might be making you overly sensitive to normal displays and further aggravating the problem.

Also make sure your optometrist checks for "prism" in your vision. It might not be enough to be a problem with normal day-to-day activity, but even a small amount of prism can really increase eye muscle stress as both eyes try to "fight" with each other to "line up" the separate images from each eye...esp with extremely high resolution displays and smaller characters. If you don't know what prism is, you can get an idea by GENTLY pressing a finger against an upper corner of the top eyelid of ONE eye. You should begin to see two images that grow more apart as you increase pressure. That's an example of "prism", and your eyes may have to deal with it all the time. When items are big or indistinct (like on a low-res display) your eyes don't have to try as hard to line-up the images because the brain can't recognize minor imperfections in alignment on those.

Meats_Of_Evil Jun 22, 2011, 10:55pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Computer glasses?
I have no idea if it will work but try taking some Lutein:

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Reason Jun 23, 2011, 12:05am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Computer glasses?

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Supreet Virdi Jun 23, 2011, 12:10am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Computer glasses?
Rub Ice cubes and see it makes any difference, you could also use Boric acid (one tablespoon), boil it in a quart of water and use it with the droppler. Or just wash it with it every couple of hours.

john albrich Jun 23, 2011, 04:55am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Computer glasses?

Don't forget that many over-the-counter and prescription medicines can also cause blurry vision and lead to strained eyes, and some pain killer meds can ironically cause "kick-back" headaches.

So if you've started taking some meds lately, stopped taking meds, changed your dosages, that might be a factor.

Dr. Peaceful Jun 23, 2011, 09:36am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Computer glasses?
Michael C said:
Over the last few months or so I have been getting severe burning, eye pain, fatigue and blurriness when viewing any computer or lcd screen...

What concerns me is that you said the symptoms lasted for few months! Since you said your eye doctor confirmed that your eyes are ok, and the symptoms continued, I would suggest you check with your primary care doctor (internist). Eyes problem can be related to systemic conditions (e.g. diabetes), neurological conditions (e.g. injury to visual cortex), or medications (like John mentioned). So better check with doctor to see if everything else besides your eyes are ok.

Back in the old days CRTs were killers to the eyes, but now LCDs are much gentler to the eyes, unless you crank the brightness all the way up. However, if you're like me, working / looking at computers like almost the whole day, it's easy to get repeated stress injuries. And I admit that I wasn't taking care of my eyes very well either and not doing enough exercise like before. It's time for a wake up call.

Michael C Jun 23, 2011, 11:20am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Computer glasses?
I've tried most things that were recommended so far, nothing seems to help except for not looking a screen for days. But then when I start again, it comes right back. I work 8 hours a day constantly looking at the screen and when I get home I play about 3 hours of games per night. I used to be able to do this without issue but I've noticed my vision is slowy getting worse. I think it might be related to something else that is going on.

Suspended User Jun 23, 2011, 12:34pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Computer glasses?
Why don't you go outside or something.

Your body is telling you that it doesn't wanna look at the screen

Take a few weeks off gaming at least.

I had the same thing. I look at a screen almost all day, then used to game at night.

I don;t even have a computer at home anymore.

Also, it may be allergies mixed in too

Michael C Jun 23, 2011, 01:15pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Computer glasses?
I think allergies has a part to play. I sneeze at least one-hundred times a day for no real reason and cough just as much. This has been going on for about 8 months. The eye problem seems to have come at the same time.

Dr. Peaceful Jun 23, 2011, 02:19pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Computer glasses?
LOL, perhaps you're allergic to computers. No more computing for you!! XD

BTW, just notice the topic number of this thread: 77777. You just hit the Jackpot, man! Ding, Ding, Ding... ;)

Hey Admin / Mods, any prize for Michael for hitting the Jackpot?

john albrich Jun 23, 2011, 03:13pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Computer glasses?

One more item...

Overuse OR extended use of MANY brands of eye drops can cause even more problems than they solve. They can lead to increased dryness, swelling, bloodshot eyes, itchiness, burning, etc. The brands that claim to reduce "redness" and/or "bloodshot" eyes are considered especially bad for long-term use.

According to my ophthalmologist, even "normal" use can be a problem for some people, especially using the drops that have preservatives in them. The preservatives can over time contribute to the breakdown of corneal tissue.

If you're still using eye drops, try going to the single-use ampoule, preservative-free drops. Make sure the package says "sterile, no preservatives". Unfortunately they are a LOT more expensive. A slightly less expensive alternative is to use just a sterile saline solution. that has no preservatives.

With my damaged eyes, I've had best results with preservative-free sterile singe-use ampoules "Refresh Celluvisc Lubricant Eye Drops". They're higher viscosity than regular eye drops and stay useful for a longer period of time. They are very expensive. Something like $10 for 30 ampoules if I remember correctly.

kOrny Jun 25, 2011, 01:34pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Computer glasses?
Yeah don't use eye drops, they made my vision worse (VISINE sucks).

I usually will take a 10 min break every hour at work to just stare out the window and focus on something far away. Seems to help me everytime I start to get a headache or notice that I am squinting. I do wear glasses sometimes too (astigmatism).

Nathan Daniels Jun 26, 2011, 12:48am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Computer glasses?
My eye doctor told me to, every 20 minutes, stop staring at the computer screen and stare and focus on something far away such as across the street. This lets your eye muscles relax.

And did anyone else notice that this is topic number 77777?

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angryhippy Jul 04, 2011, 06:21am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Computer glasses?

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