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  In need of new card for a media center 
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Squire Strahan Jul 15, 2011, 05:03pm EDT Report Abuse
Wow it's been a few years since I posted on the forums! So I'm a bit out of the loop I have a media center hooked up to my tv and it's in need of a new video card. Right now I'm using a all in wonder hd, but it seems lately I'm having issues with the color on it. Sometimes it boots up over saturated and other times to dark. I restored it to factory defaults and also updated the drivers. The reason I picked it was cause of the hdmi out and it had a onboard audio processor. Is there other options that I could go with that would let me use the hdmi and has audio out? I'm not looking to spend tons of money on it and it's just mainly fir videos and low end games.

Super appreciate it and look forward to the help!

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micro Jul 15, 2011, 09:39pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: In need of new card for a media center
Any video card would work.

Nvidia cards have a wire that connects to your mobo to use your on board audio.
Even if the card is only dvi out, you usually get a dvi to hdmi converter with the card, thus audio out to your tv/monitor.

Ati/Amd cards have an on board audio processor, that is why they usually all have hdmi out where nvidia is hit an miss as far as hdmi goes.

Neither is better or worse as far as video.
As far as audio, what has a better audio processor, your video card or your sound card/on board video.

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john albrich Jul 16, 2011, 12:20am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: In need of new card for a media center

The other spec to examine is that you may need the video card to support HDCP. It depends on your expectations. If it doesn't support HDCP you will be unable to display protected content video on your HD TV...assuming it also supports HDCP. Without HDCP the best it will produce from HDCP protected video is standard DVD quality video.

Same thing for the audio subsystem. If it doesn't support HDCP then HDCP protected content will be limited to CD quality 2-channels only. Your audio subsystem may be able to do a good job of synthesizing a pseudo-5 channel audio experience, but it will not be the same. However, there may also be a 5.1 audio codec that does not have the protection on it and you would of course get the Dolby/whatever 5.1 content just fine. Again, it depends on your expectations, and what your the rest of your hardware and software supports re HDCP.



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