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  Feds to Try Blocking AT&T Acquisition of T-Mobile 
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john albrich Aug 31, 2011, 12:56pm EDT Report Abuse
Personally, I'm glad of this, although on one hand it goes against my general "keep your mitts off of business" you government regulators. On the other hand...

I suffered through what I considered extremely poor customer service (and seemingly poorly trained/knowledgeable support personnel) with AT&T for several years until I finally changed carriers to T-Mobile.

I would hate to be forced to "go back" to AT&T, nor do I blindly trust them to make good on their unenforceable promises.

The T-Mobile customer service experience AND connection reliability where I live has been far superior to my experiences with AT&T in every way.

Of course I realize this may cause a big problem for T-Mobile in the long run (see article)...or it may make them stronger if they can find the right leadership and/or financial partners. Nor do I care for Sprint by the way.

However, it's also possible AT&T has improved its customer service and reliability since I last subscribed to its services. If the merger goes through I certainly hope that is the case.



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