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  Cooling the Case HELP!!! 
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Frank Mejia Sep 22, 2011, 07:57pm EDT Report Abuse
Hey what's up guys?
Last years I build a decent system, the computer works more than beautifully throwing hardcore games like Crysis 2, but is THE NOISE THAT I CAN'T STAND (not overclocked at all)!!!!

I'm running:
-CPU: Intel Core i7 870 (running with the manufacturer fan)
-RAM: 12GB by Corsair, ready for 1600 Mhz, but to not overheat the system ant the CPU clocking, I'm running them at 1333 Mhz at 9 9 9 24.
- Video: EVGA Nvidia 9800GT, large single slot card, the fan throwing the heat of the GPU inside of the case, not out!!!
- Seagate Barracuda 1TB with no fan or any other cooling device for it. It has started to doing a clicking noise since 3 weeks ago, I assume its because of the overheating in my case.
-Power Supply: extreme Power Pluss 600w by Cooler Mater, it has a 120mm fan and very silent. I don't feel the air coming out, so I suppose the air is getting in.

-CASE: Athenatec A412 - Mid Tower ATX Case
Since I was not planning to do double video card (SLI or CrossFire) or overclocking the system very often.
Because of space and budget I decided to buy a Mid Tower ATX that looked nice.

-Current Cooling System
***The case got a side panel ready for two fans
1st fan by the video card is a Cooler master 120mm, very silent and getting the heat out that is produced by the 9800GT
2nd fan is 3 inches above the first fan, don't have any fan in the spot but it can support a 80 mm fan.

***The rear part of the case
1st. The power supply providing cooling with its 120mm fan.
2nd. The rear fan of 80mm provided by the case manufacturer. Getting the hot air out of the cage.

***The front panel.
It got space for a 80mm fan. There is nothing in the spot.

****VIDEO CARD >:o
The fan of the videocard is always making the NOISE!!!!!!!! I think is the problematic factor in the noise made by the system

***CPU Intel i7
Working with the manufacturer fan.

I was planning to get a EVGA Nvidia GTX570, the large card designed by Nvidia that gets the air out, not inside as my 9800 GT; but since my HDD is doing the clicking noise I prefer to be sure that my information is safe (you know, college works and all that stuff) and buy a new HDD 1TB 6 GB/S, and because of the noise and heat buy 4 more fans.

So the problem comes here of in which direction the fans should work????????????:/ :/ :/
(All products from

1. Buy the new HDD and it's HDD Cooler.-- Thermaltake TMG HD1 HDD Cooler

2. Install a fan below the video card, 2 oe 3 slots down form the video card, in order to get more hot air out of it. -- Antec Cyclone Blower Case Fan for Any Expansion Slot

3. Add two more 80mm fans in the in the 2 empty spots for fans.
--- Cooler Master 80mm Dual Ball Bearing Case Fan Black - (SAF-B82-E1)
One in the front panel spot and the other one in the side panel

BUT IN WHICH DIRECTION!!!???? :| Getting air out or getting air in??? Or I don't know if I got to change the air flow direction of any of the fans that are already installed.

I'll appreciate a lot if you guys can give me a hand! ;) thank u



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