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  HP Laptop fan  
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Michelle Hoeppner Sep 28, 2011, 02:25am EDT Report Abuse
I recently noticed that the fan on my HP has been doing fast " in and out short bursts instead of a constant running of the fan and or loud running of the fan. I am very very concerned with this issue. I am used to the fan running all the time and sometimes kicks into a higher sound but this is not sounding to me like a " normal running fan for a laptop. I have read up on some previous topics regarding the fans on laptops and did get some great tips on either cleaning and getting a new video card, etc. This just started about two days ago so the issue is fairly new. My husband just purchased my laptop in mid April so it's not even a year old. Model is HP Pavilion. Any information of comments would be helpful with this situation. Thank you !! :)
( if needing more info on model please request )

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micro Sep 28, 2011, 11:38am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: HP Laptop fan
I assume that all that you are hearing is the fan revving higher and not a squeal or odd sound from the fans.

Are you using the laptop on a flat surface so that it can circulate the air that it needs to?
Are you using it on a new surface such as the couch or a blanket?

Have you tried a laptop cooler so that the laptop doesn't have to work as hard to cool, thus keeping it quieter?
I have seen two kinds, ones with fans, and fanless ones that are just designed to keep the air from being restricted.

If all of the above are in good order, it could just be built up dirt in the coolers and could just use a good cooling. Use a tooth pic to keep the fan from over spinning causing other problems while cleaning with air.

Perhaps another HWA member will have some better advice for you, but this will get you started.

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Laptop Willie Jun 06, 2012, 05:48pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: HP Laptop fan
While you didn't include the model number, I can say that most HP laptops of this type do have two levels of speed. If switching is new or has increased in occurrence, it may indicate a heat build up with in the laptop. This is normally caused by a build up of dust in the CPU/GPU heat exchanger. As stated before blowing through the air intake with canned air or other air pressure may help. It may however require a complete cleaning by a qualified laptop repair person.

After the cleaning, you will want to reduce the chance of dust getting into your laptop by covering the air intake with a coffee filter. Be sure the tape doesn't cover any of the intake. This will help reduce the dust bunnies in your laptop, and you'll be able to tell when it needs changing.

Laptop Willie
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Naveen Goud Dec 27, 2012, 04:21pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: HP Laptop fan
Hi there,

The heavy sound may be due to lot of heat generation. If your processor is pushed into more operations, then it will generate more heat. In order to throw out the heat, the fan will be forced to do more work by the MOBO.

Some times the heat sink may be at the fault as well.

So, it is better if you go for professional help, as any further delay may make things a bit problematic in future. It will start the problem of irregular shut down and sudden shutdown which may also corrupt the OS and eventually will lead to data loss.




Alyse A Jan 02, 2013, 05:20pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: HP Laptop fan
I have been Having the same problem...
My Question is: if something like this goes untreated can it possibly cause my computer more problems or is it just an annoyance that is the main outcome??

ceylon1 tech Jan 10, 2013, 02:19am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: HP Laptop fan
actually i also suffering same problem.:angry:
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ceylon1 tech Jan 10, 2013, 02:20am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: HP Laptop fan
I have same problem.
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Laptop Willie Jan 10, 2013, 09:16am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: HP Laptop fan
Alyse A said:
I have been Having the same problem...
My Question is: if something like this goes untreated can it possibly cause my computer more problems or is it just an annoyance that is the main outcome??

This is NOT an end result. It is a indication of what may come. It is sure to be caused by heat build up within the laptop. The usual cause of this is a build up of dust bunnies in the CPU/GPU heat exchangers that are designed to reduce the heat build up in the system. The dust clogs the air passages and causes the system to begin to lock up,shut down or in extreme cases damage the CPU or GPU. Which most often causes a very costly repair or costly replacement. This problem should not be taken lightly.

Laptop Willie
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james davis Jan 10, 2013, 07:30pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: HP Laptop fan



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