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  GPU heats up far too quick. Speedfan not helping!? 
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jam head Dec 08, 2011, 03:00pm EST Report Abuse
Hi, hope someone can help here.

When I first turn on my PC my GPU temperatures rapidly increases to around 75C. If I play my game, even on minimal settings, the temperature increases to around 115C and at this point game play either freezes or runs at a very low rate until the temp drops back down.

The only fan I have does not speed up to cool the GPU down, as it is only linked to some other sensor for temps, which are all at or under 35C.

I am running speedfan which does not override BIOS SMART fan controls.

BIOS SMART fan is also only linked to one of the already cool sensors. I tried playing with a few values in BIOS to no avial, and also turning SMART fan off - but that left me with a constant 4800 RPM very noisy fan... Too noisy.

1) how can I over ride the BIOS controls so that I can manually adjust the fan speed with speedfan?


2) how can I alter SMART fan suitably to counteract a change in the GPU instead of it just relying on a non-problematic temperature?

Anything else I can do to help keep my GPU cool? I'm sure this was not a problem when I first got this PC, only in the last year or so has it been this bad.

Please help, any guidance will be much appreciated!

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john albrich Dec 08, 2011, 04:58pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: GPU heats up far too quick. Speedfan not helping!?
You don't tell us if you're talking about integrated video or a video adapter card. Also what brand makes a difference.

You can also use HWA search tool (upper right hand corner) for [ overheat gpu ] for more ideas and diagnostic procedures, and details on making repairs like reinstalling the heatsink or a new fan.

For a separate video card SYSTEM BIOS doesn't control gpu fan control. That is controlled by the video adapter BIOS. Also, most video cards have their own fan control program that comes with the card or can be downloaded from the manufacturer website, or you can obtain 3rd party video control programs that will allow you to change voltages, clock speeds, and fan(s) and setup temperature/fan profiles. There are freeware 3rd party video card control programs available for both NVIDIA and AMD (aka Radeon aka ATI) video cards available at most download sites like majorgeeks, softpedia, etc. (RivaTuner, EVGAprecision, ATItool, and so on)

If the gpu on your video card is heating up immediately upon power-up under "idle" non-stress conditions, then some of the first things I'd look at are: failing/damaged/obstructed gpu fan, failed gpu heatsink assembly/installation, improper control or overclock settings (too high voltage, too fast clocking).

And of course, the gpu or a regulator on the video card may simply be faulty. For example, an ESD event sometime in the past (perhaps if the card wasn't properly handled during installation) can also be responsible for causing an internal gpu failure that consistently results in overheating when power is applied. (Under test conditions, I've seen xMOS chips literally blow a physical hole in the chip's case after an latent ESD event caused internal circuitry to latch-up...which resulted in instantaneous aggressive overheating (there are multiple references by other people on the web about such things))

Meats_Of_Evil Dec 09, 2011, 12:01am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: GPU heats up far too quick. Speedfan not helping!?
Most importantly what video card do you have?

Everything I write is Sarcasm.
jam head Dec 09, 2011, 09:47am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: GPU heats up far too quick. Speedfan not helping!?
It's an Nvidia GeForce 9200.
I thought all cards would have their own fan but my computer seems to only have the one central fan.
At the minute I've managed to change SMART fan settings to help somewhat by monitoring the rates of the CPU heat and GPU heat.
As the GPU heat rises by ~10C so does the CPU by 1C or 2C, so I've set it that if the CPU rises above 38 then the fan increases speed and this seems to keep a lid on the GPU from rising too much, and I've noticed in-game that the fan is now altering speeds every few minutes and the freezes have stopped.

I have the NVidia control panel but there is nothing on there to do with temperature/ fan in there.

I suppose my next step is to take out the motherboard so I can see the side with the GPU on. I did read a story that someone had similar problems and found that one of the screws in the motherboard was affecting the voltage to the card, so perhaps this is why it's heating up so fast.

Thanks for the advice so far, I will try looking for a specific Nvidia fan control (even though I'm not sure there is a fan for it in there?!)



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