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  Weird problem involving PS3, laptop and internet connection. 
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J Bothroyd Jan 03, 2012, 08:05am EST Report Abuse
Hello all.

I have recently purchased a new PS3 slim after my PS3 fat died over Christmas (yellow light of death).

I have my Virgin wireless modem/router hub (the newish one - got it in March 2011) situated behind my LG tv and next to my PS3.

The TV is plugged into the hub via an ethernet cable
The PS3 is also plugged into the hub via ethernet cable
My Xbox 360 is also plugged into the hub via ethernet cable
My laptop picks up the internet connection wirelessly
My iphone picks up the internet connection wirelessly

The wireless signal is excellent and I have never encountered any problems with my set up (it was set up like this with my fat PS3 before it died).

However, I turned on the PS3 the other day and the laptop internet connection dropped from 54mbps to 1mbps. When I started playing FIFA 12 the laptop internet connection cut out altogether. Although the laptop could see the hub (signal still excellent) it would not connect.

I turned off the PS3 and the connection returned to the laptop at 54mbps again.

I then tried watching a blu ray disc but the same thing happened. Laptop loses internet connection and will not reconnect until I turn off the PS3.

So then I unplugged the ethernet cable from the PS3 and fired up FIFA 12. But the same thing happened even when the PS3 wasn't connected to the hub. This time the drop seemed to coincide with my using the wireless dualshock controller and/or the PS3 remote control.

None of my things have conflicting IP addresses. I have switched off the media share option on the PS3, and the UPnp (or whatever it is) on the router but this has not worked either. I even set a static IP fro the PS3 to no avail.

I have scoured the web but can find no similiar problems and therefore no solution!

Please help - I'll go crazy if I can't play FIFA 12 online or watch any blu-rays. And my wife will go crazy if I do and boot her laptop from the net!

Many thanks


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