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  xp hangs at boot for one minute 
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Antonio Galli Jan 26, 2012, 01:14pm EST Report Abuse
A few weeks ago, my netbook became very slow since the hd entered in a wrong mode, PIO mode. I fixed the problem by running a little script named resetdma.vbs.

But starting from those days, a new problem emerged.
The PC boots well, but when my background appears it hangs for one-two minute without icons nor task bar. Then all countinue normally.
I uninstalled the antivirus avira. nothing
I installed other two: symantec and avast. nothing
I defrag,optimize, update the system. nothing
I try bootvis from microsoft. I said that explorer starts and hangs for a minute.
nothing happen in meanwhile, no cpu nor disk actvity. then alg.exe starts and all goes fine.
Important. If I boot in safe mode all is fine. So I think it may be a driver problem.
but what driver?How can I figure out this?

The netbook is a acer aspire one with XP home SP3. 1gb ram, 160 gb hd. It has a rescue partition of about 5 gb.

thankyou in advance.

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Seth Hoffman Jan 26, 2012, 03:54pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: xp hangs at boot for one minute
Sounds like the HDD is still stuck in PIO mode. PIO mode is extremely slow (<20MB/s) and was replaced by DMA. This would cause the computer to take a long time to load the initial drivers, processes etc. Safe mode would be faster because it only loads the essentials for the OS to function.

Try the instructions here:

john albrich Jan 26, 2012, 09:17pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: xp hangs at boot for one minute
Before you try to "fix" something, see if it's actually broken. Assuming your netbook has the same base capabilities and user interface...

Once booted you can either use Control Panel to determine the actual mode the drive is running in.


You will have to determine which channel your drive is hooked to. If you just have the one drive, then it's most likely the "Primary IDE channel"

Or, you can use a utility like freeware/donateware SIW or similar.

They will tell you for sure whether that is the problem or not. You can specifically ID whether the drive is in DMA and which mode (speed) it is running in. For example, SIW tells me that a disk is
"Current UDMA mode 6 (ATA-133)"

SIW also tells you a LOT about the drive and disks and other parts of the system in an easy to read way that generates reports. It can be found at download site.

I don't know what configurations your netbook supports, but just to cover all the bases.
IF IDE Disk Drives... One should also know that if this is an IDE drive, then if one has since connected a second, slower drive to the same IDE cable it can limit the performance of the first drive. This is particularly an issue if one connects a CD/DVD drive to the same cable as the hard drive.

Seth Hoffman Jan 26, 2012, 09:38pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: xp hangs at boot for one minute
The post above explains basically the same thing the link I posted says to do.

Antonio Galli Jan 27, 2012, 11:08am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: xp hangs at boot for one minute
thank you all
Although it is certainly possible that the hd is not properly working, I exclude it is still in PIO mode. When it happened the transfer rate was smaller than 5 Mbytes/s while now
it run around 50 Mbytes/s on average.(control panel, etc said me ultra DMA)
It took about 20 minutes to boot in PIO mode while now it starts in about 3 minutes.
All go fine but the system stops working for about 1.5 minutes when explorer
starts loading. Ii not rally hangs. A very little work is visible. I can start the taskmanager
and see at the processes, about 22. No icons, no task bar. After a while (1.5 min), other processes are loaded and all goes fine.
I think explorer are doing something (starting or loading something) and does not do it quickly for some reason. maybe a drive failure. Eventually it succedes in doing the job and all go on.
I think a driver would be the problem but I update al drivers and nothing changed.
As said, in safe mode all is fine. but in safe mode only a few processes start.


Seth Hoffman Jan 27, 2012, 11:41am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: xp hangs at boot for one minute
If possible I'd just backup what you can and reload it. Most of the netbooks come with a separate partition to reload it back to factory since it probably doesn't have a CD/DVD drive. In POST it should prompt with something to the affect of "restore system".

john albrich Jan 27, 2012, 01:26pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: xp hangs at boot for one minute
Seth Hoffman said:
The post above explains basically the same thing the link I posted says to do.

My concern was triggered in this case because the hyperlink name itself declared it was a procedure "/how-to-fix-hard-drive-stuck-in-pio-mode/, which makes it seem the problem is already defined as a PIO mode issue. Hence, my warning to check it first.

I tend to be conservative in such situations and get worried when it appears people are suggesting applying fixes that may not have anything to do with the actual problem.

There are posts where people have told others to simply run a registry script, "clean" their registry, defrag, follow instructions, etc. and it only made the problem worse and/or they lost critical data.

The advice to backup is always sound, even if the drive has to be removed to perform the drive/partitions backup using a second system.

john albrich Jan 27, 2012, 01:44pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: xp hangs at boot for one minute

Re your concern about the drive possibly failing...

IF your netbook will run them and it and your drive supports SMART, there are utilities that can check the status of your drive(s) and provide some diagnostic capability.
(some of the links below have redundancy. Sorry...I'm just cutting and pasting from some of my other posts.)

These are the primary disk SMART data tools I use. There are others.
DiskCheckup (predictive time-to-failure based on SMART data accumulated over time)
speedfan (compares your drive's SMART data to large users' database of hard drives)
HDtune (a "go/no-go" SMART data but can be useful)

For a better understanding of SMART data and how ONE company uses these data to calculate drive health, go to this website
Here's an example of a specific SMART parameter's impact on drive failure

See posts at:

Seagate also has some diag utilities (e.g. Seatools) available at its downloads site.

Some freeware/donateware programs have limitations on which interfaces are supported. e.g. some don't support USB attached drives.
DiskCheckup supports IDE and SATA disks.
HDtune also includes some error scanning

edit to add:
If the drive supports SMART, but for some reason the netbook interface doesn't, the drive may be removable and the drive's SMART data interrogated on a second system.
Caution! Be wary of ANY diagnostic utility that performs WRITE tests on the drive. Some utilities that are out there use a destructive test that can cause loss of user data and/or the OS. For example (if I remember correctly) a program called HDspeed has a destructive write test.

Antonio Galli Feb 02, 2012, 03:07pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: xp hangs at boot for one minute
Hi all and thank you
I eventually fix my problem looking at the system events.
It reported an error associated to the WIA service.
I disable the service and the problem was fixed although
now my system no more recognises my canon
camera. However by starting "camerawindow" canon application all go fine
so I am quite satisfied.

and thank you again



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