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  IBM start-up problem. 
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luke citrine Jul 16, 2012, 09:27am EDT Report Abuse
The problem I have is that sometimes when I start my computer up, it freezes when it starts up, or choses to freeze whilst starting up and will no longer load. Sometimes, my monitor won't turn on and I will get a green flashing LED. Can anyone advise me on this? My windows is the only computer I can play RS on, these problems started randomly about a week ago. Thank you!

- There is a green light underneath the power cable of the computer, indicating a PSU error (Power Supply Unit)

- The Battery signal does not light up at all - It's not loading anything, the power supply isn't working.

- When I turn it on, I get a flashing LED on the monitor (Faulty connection with monitor)

- None of the keys or mouse is responsive when I turn the computer on.


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luke citrine Jul 16, 2012, 09:27am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: IBM start-up problem.
Today, my ethernet cable extension just arrived, and I hooked it up, and turned the computer on. It started as normal, and the internet was working just fine, then after the computer started up, and I was running Java, a few seconds after that. The computer froze, and crashed. (The Light that indicates the battery was no longer flashing) so, I chose to turn the computer off again, and unplug everything again to turn it on again. When I turned it on again, I got a flashing green LED on my monitor and I once again got the problem with the light off that indicates it was not loading.

I think that there may be a couple of problems with the computer. Maybe the video card is faulty, or maybe the battery is faulty, The video card is integrated in the motherboard, and because of this, it runs very horribly. I know this is not the power supply because the computer itself does not turn off, it just freezes and stops loading.

I then invited my brother in, and we discussed faulty components and RAM. So we opened the computer up and cleaned out all the dust, we then took the RAM chip (one of them was not in properly) we then tried turning the computer on with just 500MB's of RAM, thinking the RAM was the problem. After turning it on - I got the same problem as before.

As I've explained previously, I had already ran virus checks, updated all my software with video/graphics drivers, and cleaned all my stuff out, running it on Safe Mode. I also did a disk de-fragmented on it to see if it would make it run faster, and stop the problem.

These problems started randomly about a week ago. Another this is, the older monitor I was using before I got the one that was my brothers before he left has the same LED problem, so I'm thinking also that it could be a problem with the integrated video card, although this is unlikely, because it needs the video card to display the monitor, just sometimes, I get this LED problem instead

luke citrine Jul 16, 2012, 01:52pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: IBM start-up problem.
UPDATE: I open up the computer, and I switched the RAM round, and cleaned the whole thing for dust. I then turned it on and it started up as normal. Then 5 minutes later, the entire thing crashes, and the Keyboard, and Mouse stop working and it stops loading.

So, I know some of the components are still working...

mothow Jul 21, 2012, 10:36pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: IBM start-up problem.
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