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  How do Audio Cards and Motherboards affect gaming performance? 
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Steven Arnold Jul 21, 2012, 12:08pm EDT Report Abuse
Hi all,

I am planning to buy a new graphics card and a new processor. I was wondering if I should purchase a new audio card or motherboard. I'm assuming audio cards affect the quality of audio, but I'm not sure what motherboards do exactly. I read that all they do is add more places for additional drivers or whatever to be added, is that right?

Thanks a lot,

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Steven Rampmeyer Jul 21, 2012, 01:31pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: How do Audio Cards and Motherboards affect gaming performance?
A new audio cardwill not make that much difference but they aren't that expensive. You will have o get a sound system that can handle an audio card to really hear the difference.
Processors fit into specific sockets on motherboards and if you have a crappy processor now, chances are the socket will only accept a better crappy processor. A decent motherboard is almost a requirement if you want to upgrade the processor, look into buying a combo, (motherboard/cpu)will save a few dollars.
To improve gaming perfomance the most, I would spend as much money as you can on the graphics card, the most memory you motherboard can handle, the processor, then the motherboard. audio card will not affect the performance, only how it sounds.
If you add audio and/or graphics cards to the system not only will the system run a little faster but the sound and video quality will be increased dramatically as it takes the burden from the processor. Changing the motherboard and or processor is probably beyond the ability of a casual user, though a better motherboard can make a big difference. The biggest problem with changing the motherboard is that you will probably have to renstall your OS and all programs currently installed.



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