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  pc won't start up - linksys wifi adapter suspected cause 
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Nas Nas Sep 20, 2012, 03:16am EDT Report Abuse
I've been having problems for the past few months with my pc restarting, going through startup repair once or twice and eventually starting up again. Now for the past two days, I've had my pc loop through the Startup Repair and have been unable to get through. I've tried everything, all the options available in the F2, F8 and F12 menus over and over again as well as trying to boot with the recovery cd.

I finally gave up this morning and decided to buy a new hard drive but before going out, I tried for one last time starting up without the GPU and Wifi adapter and it actually worked. Acutally what happened was it started the chkdsk utility without looping back into the whole startup repair thing. I usually do chkdsk two or three times a month but for the past two weeks or so, whenever I've tried running it, it would end abruptly after a few minutes and go straight to windows, which is what led me to believe the issue was HDD related.

Back to the problem, I tried restarting with the GPU and it worked fine, even after several restarts just to make sure. When I try it with the Wifi adapter, it goes through to the Startup Repair thing again. I try removing it and changing the pci slot. PC starts up. In windows, vista acknowledges a new device but does not recognize it, just like when I first started with this pc years ago, vista does not recognize the linksys adapter on it's own, you have to download the driver for it and install via usb. I can't remember what I did next exactly, I messed around the device manager to see the networking devices and tried to find the linksys driver folder for the new device when suddenly my pc froze again. After a few minutes I restart and get the same Startup Repair loop so I remove the Wifi adapter from the second slot.

At this point I'm pretty sure it's the wifi adapter, hopefully it did not damage the first pci slot or the second one when I tried it out. Just in case, is there anything else i can do to test if it was actually the adapter or the pci slot?

Linksys wireless g54 Mbps adapter
Vista home basic 32bit

Initially I thought this was a HDD issue so I posted in the other section, here is more info here:

EDIT: Actually, since I removed it from the second PCI, i've restarted but haven't had a chance to mess around with the settings so if there is anything else I can try with the device manager or anything before I go out and buy a new wifi adapter. Could this also have something to do with software?


I downlaoded and installed the linksys adapter, after the restart it worked fine.

What I find so wierd about all this is why my pc wouldn't start up if the driver was missing or somehow messed up. I've had issues before with the linksys adapter and drivers but it's never led to the pc not starting up....

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john albrich Sep 20, 2012, 05:47am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: pc won't start up - linksys wifi adapter suspected cause
Nas Nas said:
...I usually do chkdsk two or three times a month but for the past two weeks or so, whenever I've tried running it, it would end abruptly after a few minutes and go straight to windows, which is what led me to believe the issue was HDD related....

This is more of an advisory post, in case anyone is operating under the belief that chkdsk "fixes" files. What I say below is VERY simplistic and by no means explains all the issues involved. I'm merely trying to ensure it's understand that chkdsk has substantial limitations and it can even put data more at risk if those limitations aren't understood.

Chkdsk is NOT designed to "save", "restore", "reconstruct", or "de-corrupt" your data or OS files and data.

Chkdsk is designed to fix the filesystem structure...metadata...the way data storage is organized on the disk/drive...not the actual data or files. It can even sacrifice system and user file content (data) to ensure the underlying filesystem structure itself is restored to basic operability. See my post for more information re the filesystem structure.

A robust backup protocol is your best friend...especially if you suspect that a drive has or may soon have problems.

In addition if one routinely runs chkdsk, but does not immediately analyze the results AND take appropriate action after each and every time it is run, the potential for unrecoverable usable data loss is substantially increased. Just because chkdsk tries to create separate "recovery" files (with numeric extensions) from "damaged" parts of the filesystem, it doesn't mean you'll be able to reconstruct usable data from those files.

Nas Nas Sep 21, 2012, 11:04pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: pc won't start up - linksys wifi adapter suspected cause
Thanks. I just added that in case it indicates something specifically wrong with the PC.

Anyway, I've been running the pc for about a day and a half when the screen turned black and it restarted all over again, going back to the startup recovery page. This time, it started working again after one attempt at recovery, choosing to restore the system. Windows is running again although I noticed the color scheme has reverted back to the original blue color. It's the only thing I noticed that has changed this time around. Don't know if any of this means anything, just trying to get as much info on the errors as I can.

I ran an error scan and benchmark test on HDtune after I got it to start working and compared the results from last september and they show one error, the same from last year and similar spikes on the HDD. Actually, the benchmark graph seems to have less spikes this time around. I don't know if there's anything to be read from that but from what I can tell, it (the HDD) at least hasn't seem to have progressed or gotten worse from last year when the errors and stuff first started...



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