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  Standard Headers in C++ 
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Keith Braud Jan 23, 2013, 08:19am EST Report Abuse
There are 32 standard headers in C++ (98 version) i.e

<algorithm> <iomanip> <list> <ostream> <streambuf>
<bitset> <ios> <locale> <queue> <string>
<complex> <iosfwd> <map> <set> <typeinfo>
<deque> <iostream> <memory> <sstream> <utility>
<exception> <istream> <new> <stack> <valarray>
<fstream> <iterator> <numeric> <stdexcept> <vector>
<functional> <limits>

But in 2011, these have been increased to 52 i.e

<algorithm> <fstream> <list> <regex> <typeindex>
<array> <functional> <locale> <set> <typeinfo>
<atomic> <future> <map> <sstream> <type_traits>
<bitset> <initializer_list> <memory> <stack> <unordered_map>
<chrono> <iomanip> <mutex> <stdexcept> <unordered_set>
<codecvt> <ios> <new> <streambuf> <utility>
<complex> <iosfwd> <numeric> <string> <valarray>
<condition_variable> <iostream> <ostream> <strstream> <vector>
<deque> <istream> <queue> <system_error>
<exception> <iterator> <random> <thread>
<forward_list> <limits> <ratio> <tuple>



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