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  random reboots driving me crazy 
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squire strahan Mar 12, 2013, 10:40am EDT Report Abuse
wow, its has been years since i posted here. i totally forgot all my login credentials so had to make a new one.

so heres the run down, i keep getting reboots awhile back, at first is was during gpu related play then it just starting happing randomly, i thought maybe it was driver compatibility issue since my build was fairly new. so i did a clean istall of windows 7 and reinstalled everything etc... started up windows tied the window experience assessment and bam! rebooted at ALU i first tried switching out the GPU. got a brand new 660ti and same deal reinstalled windows, drivers etc and the same thing shut right off during the same test even tried 3dmark 11 and the same thing right before the test it would shut down and reboot. so i rolled back on display drivers to the previos one and it worked! no reboots at all during both the 3dmark and windows assessment test. so i was like wtf? drivers causing this? so since i narrowed it down to the driver so i thought, i reinstalled windows, installed the previos display drivers and had a fresh new system. then tried the windows assessment test again and roboot!!! ahhhhh so i was like man! i didnt want it to be the psu cause i was dreading replacing it sice i had my cause nice a pretty. so i tested the rails with a fluke multi meter, and all the rails are getting a 12.20v output and and i used a thermaltake dr power to test the 24 pin connecter and it is read fine so it seems everything was working and outputting properly. so im here now? i still debating to rma my PSU but i feel like maybe there is another option or test i am missing? i also ran memtest for one complete test and passed with no errors.

my specs are.

intel i-5 2500k
CORSAIR Vengeance 16GB DDR3 1600
evga 660Ti
intel 320 120 ssd
intel 520 240 ssd
western digital 1 tb hdd
corsair hx850 PSU
plextor sata dvd/cd-rw
corsair h100 water cooling sytem
corsair obsidian case.

if you guys have any input it will be very appreciated!

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Dr. Peaceful Mar 13, 2013, 04:22am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: random reboots driving me crazy
Isn't ALU (Arithmetic Logic Unit) part of the CPU? May be your CPU's failing. Or may be some BIOS issue with the CPU. Just a wild guess, though.



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