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  Video card works in one PC but not the other? 
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kOrny Apr 01, 2013, 04:32pm EDT Report Abuse
This one is driving me crazy! I have a basic Radeon HD5550 1GB card. My sister was using it in her old computer (an old Gateway) before the motherboard crapped out. She has since upgraded computers (and video cards), so it isn't that much of a deal anymore.

However, I have recently put together a computer with spare parts I had laying around. I thought this card would be perfect to pop in, so I did. When I power the computer, the fan spins so I know the card is getting power... but NOTHING is showing up on the screen. No post message, no windows loading, nada! Monitor isn't getting a signal.

Ok... I guess the card crapped out too? After testing different cables, adapters, and ports on the card, I put it into my current machine just to test and it worked like a charm. The monitor turned right on, saw post message and Windows.

Ok... I guess it's maybe the motherboard in the Frankenstein computer (its a relatively new ASUS P5G41-M LX2/GB). So to test, I put my current video card (Radeon HD6750 1GB) into the project computer and it worked perfectly!

The HD6750 works fine in both computers, but the HD5550 only works in mine. WHY?!

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Naveen Goud Apr 01, 2013, 06:23pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Video card works in one PC but not the other?

There is a possibility that your PC's motherboard doesn't support the video card or RAM memory might be insufficient for the said card.




Reason Apr 01, 2013, 06:53pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Video card works in one PC but not the other?
Check your cable connection. I know you know your way around PCs, but...

I recently picked up a CM Stacker case that has an interesting issue: the metal lip at the top of the expansion slot section is too thick. The DVI cable I have, couple with the way the card sits in the slot, won't fit. That means I have to kind of force the card down a little to get it to fit right, and in fact, if I tighten the screw on the card slot before I put the cable in, I can't get the cable connected correctly.

I got a couple boots exactly as you describe: standby light on the monitor, no boot, fans running, etc. Took some trial and error to figure this out. It's the case with 4 different cards. Just the way this particular case is situated with regards to the motherboard and that PCIE slot.

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john albrich Apr 01, 2013, 07:55pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Video card works in one PC but not the other?
Reason describes a valid issue...something I've run into as well. If you can't get it to work in situ, try testing with the mobo out of the case.

Along similar lines, another possibility is the card doesn't easily seat properly in the mobo pci-e socket. Even a small variation or defect in the mechanical construction of the card, the pci-e socket, or the case can require extra attention by the user when installing an adapter card. Check for interfering components on the card down near the socket lip, verify the card connectors line up 100% with the pci-e slot connectors. Look for interference between the case and the adapter card that is preventing proper installation. Make sure the card seats completely level in the pci-e slot, etc.

If the mobo has two pci-e slots of the appropriate size, try the 2nd slot. While the bandwidth in the second slot may be reduced (e.g. 4x or 8x instead of 16x pipelines) there may be a difference in that position that allows the card to be properly seated without too much difficultly.

kOrny Apr 01, 2013, 10:42pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Video card works in one PC but not the other?
Thanks for the replies!

First I tried what Reason suggested and plugged in and secured the video cable onto the card's VGA connector before seating the card (even though I was confident there was enough space for a secure connection). No video signal.

I double checked the seating of the video card and it was definitely in all the way. There was some space above the motherboard's PCI slot below and the card's fan. I even applied pressure downward while I had the motherboard out of the case to see if I could get help the connection... still a blank screen.

Then I tried updating the BIOS to the latest version (only 1 month newer than the previous version). I was sure this would work but still nothing!

Reason Apr 02, 2013, 10:53am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Video card works in one PC but not the other?
I guess the next thing I'd try is swapping PSUs. After that, I'd eBay it with a disclaimer that you couldn't get it to work on that mobo.

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Dr. Peaceful Apr 02, 2013, 10:21pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Video card works in one PC but not the other?
From looking at the specs of the cards you mentioned, the HD6750 covers all the system requirements of the HD5550, if not exceeding them. So if you have a system that can run the HD6750, it should not be a problem to run the HD5550 at all! It's got to be something unusual here.

May I ask are you testing the cards / PCs with the same monitor or two different ones? If two different monitors, swap them to test. It could be just the monitor doesn't like the card (who knows, may be with wrong H-Sync / V-Sync or something like that). But if just the same monitor, then I would look into the settings in the BIOS to see if anything related to video card that would cause the card not to display.

kOrny Apr 03, 2013, 01:33am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Video card works in one PC but not the other?
I tested both cards with 2 monitors each. When plugged into my computer, both cards worked fine on my monitor via DVI. On the other computer, the HD6750 worked fine with the other monitor with a VGA cable. I tested a VGA, DVI and VGA w/ DVI adapter on the HD5550 - nothing :|. Tried all BIOS settings and couldn't get anything.

Thanks for all the help so far, glad to see I can still find some help here!

I think I am starting to accept that the board and this card hate each other. Might keep it as a back up, or use it for some target practice (or eBay).

angryhippy Apr 03, 2013, 03:42am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Video card works in one PC but not the other?
Ya you never know. Did you actually test the 12v rail it's connecting to. Even though the fan on the PSU is spinning up there may be a bad wire or voltage drop on that line. run some sand paper through the PCIx slot make sure the contacts are clean. or use the striker on a match book to run through there if no fine sand paper (400 or 800 grit) is available. My 460GT just would not work with my ASUS mobo. tried 3 different cards gave the card to my kid and it works perfect on his ABIT mobo. My 9800 backup works just fine with the ASUS board. Go figure?!

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