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  I7-860: Use it to upgrade, or sell and upgrade with the money? 
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Reason Apr 04, 2013, 12:10pm EDT Report Abuse
I lucked into this processor. (Current specs in profile.) I could pick up a Foxconn mobo for less than $70 on the egg, OR I could eBay it and get something newer.

What would you do? I keep my stuff for years.

Ultima Ratio Regum
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G. G. Apr 05, 2013, 02:17pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: I7-860: Use it to upgrade, or sell and upgrade with the money?
It is nice if you got it for free.... also, its probably only a small upgrade to what you have now....

This is an old processor.... its quad core at 2.8ghz at 45nm.... when it was selling for 281 at Newegg back in the day....

This is my suggestion.... see if you can sell it for 200.00... take the funds and buy a i7 3770K. This way, for a topline cpu, you'll only have to fork out 100.00. You can still get a mb nice micro ATX mb h77 for around 80.00 or a z77 for around 110.00 and have a way much better system that you can keep much longer in the long run. Oh yeah..... you can keep the cost down by just running with the HD4000 gpu that is built into the cpu until you can get a duber external gpu.... and even at that, you can still use both gpu using that VirtuLogix thingie.

The i7 3770K will be a heck alot faster due to better logic, faster clock speed (3.5ghz, 3.9ghz turbo), 8 threads at a time due to Hyperthreading (4 cores + 4 Hyperthreads), 22nm, and just plain newer technology.

But if you cant sell it, then you can build out your free processor.

look at the long run since you and I, like so many others, keep our system for a longtime before upgrading. My current system is a Q9550 2.8ghz and now I have a i7 3770K.... this is a huge jump. the i7 860 is only the next gen up from a Q9X50...

Now go ponder on which path to take... :)


Reason Apr 05, 2013, 05:08pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: I7-860: Use it to upgrade, or sell and upgrade with the money?
Yeah, it's old, but I'm on an even older processor: E6850, so that's one generation and two cores, plus the added bandwidth of DDR3. So I guess I could get a good boost for the price of a motherboard plus the time of an OS reinstall.

On the other hand, I went from a 939 3800+ to an E6750, which was a good jump, but it's really about RAM and GPU for me - it's relatively rare that I experience CPU bottlenecking. Maybe I'll see if I can trade straight across for a Q9650 so I can max out this board, so when I retire it to a family member I know it's kickass even for its age.

Ultima Ratio Regum
kOrny Apr 06, 2013, 02:00am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: I7-860: Use it to upgrade, or sell and upgrade with the money?
I'd sell it like G.G. said.

Heck... I am still using an AM2 CPU w/ DDR2 and everything works great :)



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