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  Firefox Add-on to STOP Webpages Auto-refreshing? 
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john albrich Apr 24, 2013, 01:29pm EDT Report Abuse
Does anyone know of a Firefox Add-on that will let us STOP webpage source code from auto-refreshing a webpage? (examples, (where "bigcity" is washington, newyork, sanfrancisco, etc,, some sub-sites, some British sites, and more).

I've searched and been unable to find an add-on that will prevent a website from auto-refreshing a given webpage. While disabling javascript stop all auto-refreshing that I've see so far, it isn't viable to globally disable javascript as too many other functions are stopped as well.

Why this is important to me...

I'm visually impaired and on such pages I almost always cannot read fast enough before a web page gets automatically "refreshed" (aka updated, and often on a fairly short timer). Because it's not a standard action the page position resets to the top and I then have to spend time searching around the page for the place where I was when the refresh occurred...and then the whole thing starts all over again.

I don't know if this auto-refresh/update tactic artificially increases a website's page view counts, but I can't think of any other motivator for "refreshing" a page so frequently (sometimes as often as every 20 seconds!).

It makes reading some websites quite difficult and frustrating, and I've yet to find even one that provides an option to turn the auto-refreshing function off. (some sites do offer to pause refreshing the comments, but NOT the whole page which still auto-refreshes and still messes up the positioning).

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Naveen Goud Apr 24, 2013, 05:44pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Firefox Add-on to STOP Webpages Auto-refreshing?
Hi John,

Sorry to hear about your disability!

May be the following 2 links might help you out in your search




john albrich Apr 24, 2013, 07:56pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Firefox Add-on to STOP Webpages Auto-refreshing?
Naveen, thanks for the fast response. No solution yet, but I've got some leads as a result of more breadcrumbs found by researching your post.

I already had that "Warn me when web sites try..." option checked. It does not work. Other users also report it doesn't work. Apparently the damned website programmers code a way around that restrictions. Just to be sure, I also verified that the "Warn me when web sites try..." associated 'about:config' parameter was properly set to "True":
"Checking the option is equivalent to setting accessibility.blockautorefresh preference setting in 'about:config' to True"

In reading one of those articles, another user suggested using Firefox's "about:config" to modify another parameter as follows:
Eli December 20, 2010 at 9:29 am
Type.. about:config.. in your address bar and type "frequency" in the filter and double-click on browser.cache.check_doc_frequency. Use a value of 0 (check doc once when you first visit) or 1 (check everytime you revisit). Do not use 2 (never check, only use cached copy). Default is 3 (check at some pre-determined intervals). Browser scripts can over-ride this though.

That also doesn't affect the auto-refresh activity on those accursed websites.

What amazes me is that none of the 4 search engines I tried (including searching within the Mozilla "add-ons" site) pointed to any of these possible solutions, and I was using keywords like "block refresh", "block auto-refresh", and similar. Now I've got to wonder if the search engines intentionally lowered the priority of presenting these solutions...which would indicate they're attached to the cabal that supports this user unfriendly auto-refresh crap. Get my tin-foil hat ready.

Note: as I postulated, it appears many others agree the reason for auto-refresh IS to artificially increase "page-hit" statistics. The deep and personalized resentment expressed by other users toward this highly intrusive tactic is apparent. See this for more info on that:

And seems always inevitable in these kinds of gets messy.

In one of the thread however, there is a post that indirectly points to a mozilla add-on (which my searches within the Mozilla add-ons website also did not reveal). I am going to try this add-on if I can, and report back. I hope that it actually actively intercepts the code and it is not a stupid utility that just sets the above discussed parameters.
RefreshBlocker 0.8
di Clemens Fuchslocher
RefreshBlocker is a small extension for the Firefox web browser. This extension will prevent your browser from following the forwarding specified by the refresh parameter of the META tag element.

However, there is another post that says that add-on won't work and which led me down a screwy path pointing to
which seems to have been reborn as, and I searched for the referenced "userscript" 35375. That userscript wasn't found but the search did produce this page pointing to yet two more "userscript" auto-refresh blockers: which points to Refresh Stopper and Toolbar Remover
It stops page refresh and remove social toolbar. To be used with Meta Refresh Blocker and Javascript Settimeout Refresh Blocker (Jul 28, 2012)


Unintrusive Meta Refresh Blocker (Apr 25, 2010)
Block meta refresh. STRONGLY based on, just few cosmetic changes taken from autopagerize script. Also, it allows refreshes if timeout<10s, as they tend to be redirect rather than actual refreshes.



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