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  asus laptop start-up problem 
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Jon Gestafen Jun 16, 2013, 09:22pm EDT Report Abuse
I got this laptop for gaming as a graduation present in 2010. 3 years later it crapped out on me. I had a cooling stand for it that I always used so I don't think overheating was the issue, but...

I left it on one night to listen to music while I fell asleep. I only had Spotify running. When I woke up the next morning music was still playing but the screen was off. When I hit [space] to wake it up it shut off on me( its done this before where when I had music playing but the screen turned off and I went to bring the screen back up it would freeze and I would have to shut it off). When I turned it back it did its initial startup business. The power button lit up along with the caps lock and the charging light and the cpu fan started running, but it just stayed there. The screen wouldn't turn on so I couldn't really check what it was doing or what was wrong. I had the IT guy at my work take a look and he thought the graphics card might've burnt out, but couldn't test it.

Ive tried turning it on solely on the battery without it plugged in and removed the battery and solely on power from the plug, but same thing. Any ideas?

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john albrich Jun 17, 2013, 07:14am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: asus laptop start-up problem
I'm assuming when you say the display wouldn't work that it didn't even show any startup logos, bootup status, etc before it tried to load the operating system...and that it didn't even show any sign of life whatsoever.

In a dark room, look for ANY sign of lighting inside the display...particularly around the edges of the screen. If you see light, then that at least indicates the display lighting subsystem is functional. Otherwise...

If the display is NOT an LED lit display panel...
in comparison it is more likely that the power inverter for the cold-cathode fluorescent lamp inside the display panel spontaneously failed, then it is that the graphics adapter/chipset spontaneously failed.

However, it may be neither.

There are a number of threads dealing with laptops that won't startup on this site with lots of debugging tips.

Generally, the next step is to see if attaching an external display works. See your user manual on how to do that and how to make sure any output is directed to the external display. If it works on an external display then the problem is more likely to be something like the CCFL power inverter or LED display lighting power subsystem.

(BTW, many cooling pads don't do much at all (if anything) to cool a notebook. Some cooler designs are just crap and some laptop designs just can't take effective advantage of cooling from below. In addition, other things such as internal dust build-up, laptop fan failure, etc., can cause overheating even when a cooling pad is effective and has been used consistently.)

angryhippy Jun 22, 2013, 05:27pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: asus laptop start-up problem
Planned Obsolescence.

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