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  Is this an excuse from my isp 
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Nas Nas Jun 19, 2013, 09:30am EDT Report Abuse
My internet has been cutting out recently and I've just been on the phone for the third time in two or three weeks with my ISP to try and sort it out. Last time they sent a guy to replace the modem, then a week after that the same problems meant they had to send a guy who only replaced the power supply which seemed to work for about a day or two before I started experiencing the same problems which have gotten worse over the past two days.

Because of the frequency of the problems, the call took a bit longer while the guy tried to get as much information and provide possible answers. One of those things he mentioned was that my line or subscription is supposed to be for a wired service with their modem, and any third party routers or wifi I connect to itmight conflict with the software on their modem or whatever word he used, which I'm now unable to remember since I cut him off to go off on a short rant about not trying to blame the consumer when their services don't work, or not to try and sell me a different service or upgrade which I took him for doing.

Anyway, thinking back on the conversation I'm wondering if there's any truth to what he was saying just in case it comes up again so I know whats going on when their technician comes back tomorrow.

Also, I'm a little curios as to why changing the power supply had any effect on fixing the modem. The guy who did the replacement suggested it may have been due to my power adapter, but I use other appliances ( xbox, lamp, vacuum cleaner) on the same multi plug adapter without having any problems on them, although the modem is the only one connected 24/7.

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angryhippy Jun 22, 2013, 05:16pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Is this an excuse from my isp
Hey. It's tough to visualize someones space but here's somethings to try. What I'm thinking is how close to your monitor to your modem? If it's real close you may want to move it. Or can you put the other crap on a power stick and have the modem power supply plugged into a dedicated outlet or surge protector depending on where you live. Definitely make some distance between the modem and the X Box.

The other thing is what do you mean exactly by cutting out? Is the screen frozen and the cursor arrow, or do you just get a message saying the internet is not available or something like that. After these things happen go into the event viewer and see if it's reporting a problem with your LAN connector on the mother board. Try to uninstall it and reinstall it with new drivers from within the device manager. Another thing is, is it connected from a cable or a phone line. I've seen some older pictures of phone lines in Hong Kong that look like a tech nightmare. If you are connected through a phone line, call the phone company and tell them there is so much noise (static or whatever) on the line that you can't even hear your grandma when you talk to her on the phone. Old wire builds resistance and sometimes these kind of problems are caused by just that. If you use Grandma don't mention computer problem to them. Just phone and they might come and replace the line from the pole to your house/apt. Or maybe you are right and the ISP is just full ofs**te! Good luck!

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