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  time to upgarde would like some advice 
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ultma 076 Oct 07, 2013, 06:13pm EDT Report Abuse
I have finally decided to upgrade CPU, MOBO, RAM

my current system is
Gigabyte EP45-DQ6 (I only ever chose this cause of all the Cu covering it)
core 2 duo E8400 @4.00GHz 24/7 (since Jan 2009)
8 GB of ram 2GBx4 (2x(2x2GB) PC2 6400)

Cooling I use is extreme Air industrial 120mm fans (x6) very noisy
This doesn't bother me as the case is located 20m away (in the cold laundry) from input and ouput devices

I have a SSD and my mobo is only SATA2
I only ever seem to use 1 VGA but like having extra PCI slots just incase
I normally only ever use Nvidia VGAs (560Ti atm, looking at a 2nd hand 680)

I am open to options for AMD since they seem to be a lot cheaper and the motherboards can be upgraded for a lot longer than intel

Power use doesn't worry me
Overclock ease and stability does

I was originaly thinking core i7
Gigabyte GA-X79-UP4
4x8GB 1600 CL9

I trust gigabyte mobos but are open to anything

I welcome any and all recommendations thanks

I have now priced up some options (nz dollars) and some people have suggested haswell skt 1150

im am open to other motehr board options aswell as this is the core of my upgrade it needs to be stable and quality

i7 3820k & GA-X79-UP4 = $684


i5 4670k & GA-Z87-HD3 = $514


FX-8350 & GA-990FXA-UD3 = $488

overclocking is a must and i dont want to degrade single threaded performance form what i have now

and if anyone knows how to mod a xp-120 (i have the lga775 retion module in use atm) to fit any of the new sockets let me know

p.s payton u always upgarde before me my current rig is based on your old one when you reported the ease of overclocking (core2duo to 4.0GHz) i promptly upgraded

E8400 @4.00GHz (445*9)
4GB Gskill 1066 + 4GB Corsair 1066
Enermax whisper II 535W
GTX 560Ti ( This rig runs BF3 on Ultra :D )
Primary Display SyncMaster P2350 1080p
Secondary Dispaly 44" samsung LCD 1080p
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~Vel Oct 09, 2013, 12:53pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: time to upgarde would like some advice
Single thread performance isn't going to be degraded out of any of those choices. If you need single core performance above all else, go with the i5. Otherwise the 8350 gets better scores in anything multi-threaded, check out some more benchmarks. The i5 is probably worth the difference over the 8350, I didn't realize it was Haswell. I'd rule out the i7 because it has a diminished price/performance value. About 20% performance for ~30% added cost.

Regarding GPUs, I'd say if you're looking at the 680 then maybe wait a week or so to see what AMD's R9 290X is looking like in comparison. Otherwise since you're getting it second hand it's probably cheaper to get that and none of the 7000 series top the 680 right now.

Also now that I'm thinking about this a bit more, it might be worth it to go Intel/nVidia just so there aren't weird driver issues by going AMD/nVidia but you also might not run into any issues at all anyways.

Meats_Of_Evil Oct 10, 2013, 12:37am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: time to upgarde would like some advice
Since you'll probably end up gaming I'd go with the Core i5. In the overall score is faster than the FX-8350. The only way I would honestly suggest you going for an AMD cpu is if you're on a tight budget. But given that the next-gen consoles are all AMD hardware based you should consider the probability of how an 8 core cpu will fare as time goes by, I imagine it will be much better optimized for games now that they'll start using it since its on both consoles. Just an after though, also a GTX770 performs better than a GTX 680 and its cheaper if I'm not mistaken so get that instead or I suggest you wait for AMD's "new" cards.

Everything I write is Sarcasm.



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