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  Gpu wont work on primary drive.. but will on my backup. 
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steve mace Nov 03, 2013, 12:58pm EST Report Abuse
Ok my problems started when my display driver started failing for a few seconds and then telling me that it had recovered. Things got worse, it stopped recovering and I had to reboot. then i got a bso saying my voltages were off? As if I had overclocked wtf I had not. I loaded failsafe defaults on the bios and was ok for a few days. Then i got a bsod about apc_index_mismatch and another one I always get now when my pc stopped booting...
My system restore points were only recent unfortunately (wtf windows 7!?!?!) and system startup repair thing failed me.

I decided to do a new install on my primary drive, i didn't format it or anything, i copied my old files over from windows.old.

I will point out that my display is connected to the graphics card atm, and so its not on board graphics im utilising, i dont really understand how the gpu can work before i have installed any drivers, but hey.

Everything was working fine, I installed my basic programs again, but when I went to install the the gpu drivers, i couldnt get to my desktop on the next restart...

windows startup was however able to fix it, telling me on one occasion it was a driver and on another that it was a patch that was preventing me from getting to windows.

I decided to do a fresh install on an old backup drive and I was able to actually install the drivers without any damn problem..

I am going to install my common programs on the backup drive and see if its a conflict between a new version of one of those programs and my gpu drivers.

If its not that.. does that mean when I did the new install on my primary drive, some part of windows still was around from the last install somehow? can windows do that?

Getting closer at least. Can anyone think of anything else for me to find out exactly waht the problem is? Thanks.

I have windows 7 64 bit ultimate, core 15 2500k geforce 560 8 gig ram

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habs fan Nov 03, 2013, 08:56pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Gpu wont work on primary drive.. but will on my backup.
Your primary drive may be physically failing.

steve mace Nov 04, 2013, 11:29am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Gpu wont work on primary drive.. but will on my backup.
i only have problems with graphics drivers though?

I used a special driver uninstaller made specifically for gpu drivers, it failed part of its process.. but I managed to get the gpu drivers installed afterwards :)

However the on board graphics driver crashes my comp after i try to install it haha.
i hope my drive isnt failing :S i was able to install anything else fine, just not gpu drivers.

Reason Nov 06, 2013, 03:39pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Gpu wont work on primary drive.. but will on my backup.
Sounds to me like either the card is failing or maybe an issue with your PSU.

When you say drive, just to clarify, you mean hard drive, correct? so if you basically mirror your formerly working setup on the new hard drive, it works OK?

Or when you move the gfx to your backup PC it works fine?
Edit: sorry, you clarified that already. I agree that it could be the primary hard drive also failing. Personally I'd look at the PSU first myself.

Windows has some generic drivers to provide a workable environment in which you can install the manufacturer's drivers, otherwise, if your mobo doesn't have onboard graphics, you're hosed. So that's why that worked before you installed drivers.

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steve mace Nov 08, 2013, 05:40pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Gpu wont work on primary drive.. but will on my backup.
I do not have a backup pc, I think I mis-worded something. I have a backup hard-drive though. I was able to run everything fine on my backup drive for weeks, I had the basic windows drivers for grphics active, through the card. If something was wrong with the psu or gpu would I not have had problems right then?

After I installed the drivers (without any problems on the backup drive, things were good for a few days. When I switched to viewing stuff on my projector, after about a day I started getting crashes followed veyr quickly by my pc being unbootable again.

I first noticed problems on the original drive when viewing stuff on my projector.
Is it possible that a display like my projector could be displaying things at an unusual resolution and for it to corrupt graphics drivers?

If not then I guess I will have to take the pc to a repair shop to find out iof the psu or gpu are failing, but once again shouldnt the basic windows drivers going through the my gpu still cause crahes or is the power usage a lot lower in that mode.




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