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  ASUS laptop freezing and not cutting on 
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Megan Catterton Jan 04, 2014, 10:11pm EST Report Abuse
I have an ASUS laptop that I bought from Best Buy a few months ago. I have Windows 8. My laptop was in good condition-it was fast, had no viruses, up to date. However, it restarted a lot with an error message: KERNEL_DATA_INPAGE_ERROR
I looked up some possible ways to fix it. I found two possible ways: 1. Check my RAM, which I did and nothing was wrong with it. The next thing was to check my C drive.
I went to Command Prompt under administrator and typed in: chkdsk C: /f /r /x
I have NO idea what any of that means.
It then come up to check it next time I restarted so I typed Y for yes. I then restarted it.
It started scanning and repairing and then it stopped on 27%. After that, my laptop died so I went to get the charger and plugged it back up. I turned on my laptop, or I tried to. It wouldn't start and there were 3 lights on the bottom- a green light, the charge light, and another green light.
I kept trying to hold the start button down, but still nothing happened. So I took the battery out and when I put it back it, it came on.
That's when I encountered another problem. It was diagnosing my laptop and then it took me to a blue screen that was saying something about how the laptop had trouble restoring and any new apps could possibly be deleted. At the end, there were two buttons- restore or close. So I clicked Restore.
It took me to the black start up screen with ASUS at the top. And that's when it froze. And won't go anywhere.
So I retried taking the battery out, turning the laptop on, and when I came back to the blue screen, I clicked close and it took me back to the black screen and and froze.
So now I have my laptop's battery out.
I have NO idea what I did or why it's acting up. Like I said, it's in good condition-NOTHING like this has happened before. I go back to college next week and I'm screwed it my laptop has crashed or something.
I could really use the help! Please and thank you!

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john albrich Jan 05, 2014, 12:20am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: ASUS laptop freezing and not cutting on
This is just to provide a baseline on your expectations and assumptions regarding your "it had no viruses" and "nothing was wrong with" the memory...

Depending on the memory configuration, there are parts of RAM that can't be tested by ANY memory test program when run on the same PC as the memory being tested. So, even if memory tests "passed" (like memtest86+, etc), you could still have a bad memory module. Only if you have multiple RAM modules, and can physically swap them during separate tests (so that each has a turn at being in the 'high' memory slot location), can you 100% check each RAM module. If there is only 1 module/stick, then you can't test it 100% using a Windows program nor even with self-booting diagnostics media. If you rely on BIOS to test RAM at boot-up, then you have to select the option to do a detailed (aka "long") memory test (if such is available). A "short" BIOS controlled memory test is VERY limited and won't find all possible errors. Even the BIOS controlled "long" memory test is not an in-depth test, and it certainly doesn't run for any extended period of time, but it's better than nothing.

In a similar vane, just because an anti-virus program claims there is no virus present, doesn't mean that's true. There are viruses that can "hide" from anti-virus programs. It depends on the AV program and can also depend on whether the AV program is started from within Windows or from a pre-Windows-boot-up device (e.g. a self-booting AV optical disc).

For actual "where do you go from here?" info others may post or I'll try to add a bit more info a bit later...but I'm kind of wiped out for the day.

edit: expand detail re limitation of any self-booting OS diagnostics testing of memory (Linux derivatives like "UBCD", etc)

john albrich Jan 05, 2014, 09:42am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: ASUS laptop freezing and not cutting on
Someone else may have more optimistic outlook or other procedures for you to work with, but here's my current take on things...and it's neither simple nor pretty. With only a week before you head back to school, I'm not too optimistic.

Before I continue, keep in mind it's still possible that the OS and associated data are still recoverable on your hard drive, and that it is a hardware problem (e.g. bad RAM) that is preventing you from fixing things via software. My advice is to 100% rule out that possibility before you try to pursue any of the following processes. Keep in mind that even some tech/warranty shops don't understand the limitations of test programs such as memtest. Assuming they don't have a dedicated RAM test fixture, they should test the suspect memory module(s) separately in a known good system with RAM already installed from which the system will boot even without the suspect memory installed (in other words, your suspect RAM module(s) would be the equivalent of "add-on" memory to a system that already has some boot memory installed.)

While I've focused on the RAM, keep in mind that if it is a hardware problem, it could instead be a CPU, PSU, or motherboard problem (among other things). It could even be the physical hard drive itself.

Given all the unexpected freezes, aborts, etc that happened while you were attempting to restore the filesystem, or even due to other causes prior to that (e.g. malware or hardware glitch), it's possible that the filesystem or the "restore" data content has become corrupted to the degree that even the base Windows recovery operation can't work. That's based on your statements regarding freezing during the recovery attempts you've made.

Even if you find you had bad memory and replaced it, the damage to the filesystem and files MAY continue to make it unrecoverable. Only again trying the recovery process after hardware repairs (if any) have been made would reveal this.

Try Warranty
IF that is the case, then it is likely the only recovery will be to reformat the entire drive and do a "factory" reinstall of the OS, partitions, and support programs and data. I'm guessing you likely weren't provided recovery media (a loathsome practice increasingly pushed on customers by the PC companies) and it all resided on the hard drive. IF that's the case, then I would hope Best Buy or the computer manufacturer would be willing to restore it to time-of-sale condition under warranty (although personally I've had unacceptable warranty experience with Best Buy). If you go that route, just tell them it stopped working and "freezes" and do NOT tell them all the things you've done to try to recover. That will muddy things up and they will go through their process regardless. It could be a hardware problem caused all this to begin with. Let them do ALL the diagnoses and repair(s).

Alternatives You Might Try Once Hardware Verified OK
Otherwise, you might be able to work with Microsoft to reinstall the OS using the OS' software key...but any other programs and computer-specific drivers that came with the computer likely would be unlikely. You'd have to download the other programs and computer-specific drivers from the computer manufacturer...again, that's IF they make them available...and install them yourself. Based on reported histories, getting Microsoft to help in this kind of situation can be difficult and/or expensive.

IF the computer manufacturer supplied separate restore media however, it's possible you can reformat (include over-writing the Master Boot Record (MBR) as some malware can survive a simple drive format), install the OS, and retain all the programs and drivers that came with the computer. You should have instructions on how to do that IF that came with your computer.

Go To 3rd Party
Then, there is the possibility of using a 3rd party repair service to test/reinstall things...which can be quite expensive. However, that comes with a warning. Unfortunately, a number of those kinds of companies sometimes install unauthorized copies of the OS on your computer. Such a copy may be rendered inoperative by Microsoft once updates are attempted. So, it may look like your computer is working fine when you get it from the shop, but it could be a "time-bomb" just waiting to be disabled.

Note that in all the above situations, any personal data you have placed on the drive will likely be destroyed. It may also be available/visible to any repair technician as they work on the computer. If you need to try to recover personal data that's on the hard drive before reformatting/reinstalling stuff, that's another issue entirely.

Dr. Peaceful Jan 05, 2014, 09:43am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: ASUS laptop freezing and not cutting on
Few suggestions:

1. Since it's only a few months old, may be it's still under warranty. Make sure to check with the manufacturer, ASUS, to see if they will provide repair for free. Check the following website for support information specifically to your laptop model and warranty information.

2. Asus laptops can be restored to factory settings by hitting the F9 key during bootup, that will bring up the Win8 restore menu. With Win8 and UEFI Bios, the procedure to restore to factory, access to Bios / diagnostic tools / boot options, etc, is a little different than Win7 and before. Make sure to check the support website above for specific instructions for your laptop.

3. My educated guess is that your hard drive may be malfunctioning. It's the most common malfunction for laptops and it's consistent with the error message you're getting.

john albrich Jan 05, 2014, 10:03am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: ASUS laptop freezing and not cutting on
I included additional information in addition to pursuing warranty as I don't know of any warranty work that would be done in a week. That probably muddied things up.

To help distinguish the alternatives in my earlier post, I'm going to outline the 3 segments I covered: if submit to warranty, if trying yourself, if go to 3rd party (repair shop) for help.

john albrich Jan 05, 2014, 10:35am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: ASUS laptop freezing and not cutting on
That would be great if F9 works as posted by Dr. Peaceful!

Something to keep in mind for the future, especially if you become utterly dependent on the computer or the data...

Get yourself an external backup hard drive, and use a backup program the moment you get a new computer or have computer back in operating condition to make a baseline backup copy of your "as new" hard drive. Then make weekly or even daily backups depending on criticality of your data. Then even if the hard drive fails you have a way to get back to where you were. Some of the programs that come bundled with such "backup" drives are poor, but Windows backup has improved, and Macrium Reflect Free Edition (Freeware) is an excellent backup program that works on Win8



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