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  Protect my USB memory 
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joe mou Mar 21, 2014, 04:35pm EDT Report Abuse

I have a USB memory full of software I often use on my clients side;
Any possibility to protect my USB memory from getting infected after I plug it to any of my clients PCs (if their PCs are infected)?

Thank you

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john albrich Mar 21, 2014, 11:52pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Protect my USB memory
The only 100% sure way is to use a USB stick with a hardware write-protect switch (which is supposedly getting harder to find these days?). Hardware write-protection means it can't be modified by any software when the switch is enabled...even manufacturer's/diagnostic software.

Without that physical switch, keep a backup of the original content for your USB stick on an AV-protected computer. Secure wipe then re-write ('re-virgin') the stick from your known-protected source after every use in a client's machine. If you have to service multiple client computers in a day...even the same client...then have multiple 're-virgined' USB for each computer. The responsible thing is to not reuse a stick once it's been inserted in any client's computer/card-reader.

If it's true that such hardware-level protection is becoming harder to fine, I find it very interesting...especially with all the recent publicity on cyber-security. One would think the market would be getting bigger...not smaller, for a write-protect feature that can't be bypassed by software. One should even be able to charge a higher price for such protection given the increase in security why would they stop offering the feature?

20140321 edit:
It's a good idea to have your own independent method of ensuring you've done all that is possible to prevent infecting a client's computer/network. Even if the client has anti-malware it may not be good anti-malware. A client could claim you infected their system(s)...even if you didn't. Being able to demonstrate you had and used your own rigorous prophylactic process in place to protect client computers could be a lifesaver in court...or could even prevent you from being sued in the first place.

joe mou Mar 22, 2014, 02:31am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Protect my USB memory
Thank you John,

Very helpful.

joe mou Mar 22, 2014, 02:47am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Protect my USB memory
Dear John, Dear all,

I just found this:
Tried it and here it is denying me from copying/pasting anything on it.
Hopefully it will help.

PS: it seems it only work on the PC where it was write protected.

thanx again,



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