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  Cable TV Box Works With "TV" But NOT With "computer" Monitors 
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john albrich Dec 01, 2014, 06:42am EST Report Abuse
Has anyone else had this Cable TV problem?
(note: This fails with several computer monitors, one of them manufactured within the last 6 months) with the same result).
And if so, was your problem fixed and if so, how?

I'm trying to see how extensive this problem is, or whether it's just me for some reason.

Cable box HDMI/HDCP high definition output worked fine with all my computer monitors, then without warning stopped working with EVERY one of my computer LCD monitors but only on the HDMI connection (and using the same HDMI cable).
I've had my computer monitor hooked up to the cable box via HDMI connector WITHOUT any problem for years.

Yet it DOES work as expected with a 5 year old LCD "TV" display marketed as a "TV" (which simply means it includes a tuner) it is NOT an HDMI/HDCP version compliance problem (e.g HDMI 1.3 vs. HDMI 1.4, etc).

HDMI v. Component input connectors
And, yet HDCP high-definition content DOES work 100% OK using the component inputs of the same computer monitors up to and including 1080i (cable box does not have DVI output). (note that many cable "TV" companies support only up to 1080i...and not 1080p

And, those same computer displays HDMI input that don't work with the Cable TV box, DO work 100% OK decrypting HDCP protected content at full 1080i/1080p from both my computer's Blu-Ray player and from a standalone Blu-Ray player...which verifies it's not the computer monitors' HDMI/HDCP inputs that are broken.

So, my thinking is that the cable company firmware update to the cable box somehow selectively "broke" the decryption confirmation of the HDCP interface but ONLY on computer display HDMI connector. Or, am I way off-base here?

What I don't understand is why that if it's an HDCP issue...
Why wouldn't it have also broken the HDCP decryption confirmation of the component interface?
And why is it broken on only on computer monitors?

The cable company tier 1 and tier 2 support people of course don't have a clue as to what happened. I think they don't even understand the issue. They opened a ticket promising their technical staff would contact me directly within 24 hours, and never did. My attempts to follow-up have been ignored.



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