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  GeForce GT 754m Update Problems 
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Riley Winkler Jan 11, 2015, 06:34am EST Report Abuse
Hello, I have an Asus Q550L Notebook (Windows 8.1 64-bit) with a Nvidia GeForce GT 754m and I have recently encountered a horrible problem. I had awhile ago practically destroyed my driver when trying to ask Device Manager to update just to see if it would work... It did not and corrupted the driver. So after a few hours and eventually one System Restore later, I fixed this problem but then another presented itself. Whenever I update or rollback the driver I get the Code 43 Error in Device Manager which is the shut down due to unknown problem or whatever. I have tried getting drivers from both Nvidia and Asus websites. Neither work, the only way of getting the error to go away is by uninstalling the driver, restarting my computer, and letting my computer fix it. This however installs a very outdated driver and I am still unsure that my computer actually activates it when I play a game and only sticks with my Intel Integrated card (Proven by a game telling me the settings were reset due to graphics card switching to Intel Integrated). I have also noticed that whether the GPU says it is working or not, Nvidia Control Panel fails to open and only freezes up my desktop if I try, and in Geforce Experience (This has also failed me when it came to updating without an error) every tab except the Driver tab is grayed out. I have looked and looked but have found no solution. My theory is that there is some Nvidia software I am missing or service or something but I don't know which it could be. Help would be GREATLY appreciated.

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~Vel Jan 11, 2015, 02:56pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: GeForce GT 754m Update Problems
Unfortunately I think that the troubleshooting to find the deeper cause of this might be too extensive for a forum post. If nobody else has input for you, I'd suggest backing up your data and reinstalling the operating system (which is easy, but a pain due to the need of reinstalling your programs and putting your files back to where they were before.) If you're too uncomfortable doing it yourself, then definitely take it in to a shop to have it done.

Also for future reference, always download graphics drivers directly from the manufacturer's website as opposed to updating through one of Microsoft's options. Microsoft creates generic drivers that are typically guaranteed to work, but never as optimized as the manufacturer's and can result in conflicts like the one you're experiencing.

Sorry I can't be of better help, good luck.

Riley Winkler Jan 11, 2015, 05:46pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: GeForce GT 754m Update Problems
I do have a 2 TB back up external storage drive that I can put all my important programs on. So I will do that then reinstall my OS, thank goodness for Windows 8 being able to do it without a disk. Thanks for the reply.



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