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  Asus laptop won't turn on HELP!! 
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Lisa Young Mar 16, 2015, 05:11pm EDT Report Abuse
Ihave an Asus X54C laptop and it won't turn on. I tried unplugging the charger, taking the battery out and pressing the power button for 30 seconds and nothing lights up. I tried it last week and it worked, but now it won't turn on. I have a habit of using it on the arm of a leather chair without anything under it. I hope I didn't blow the motherboard. The charger that I am using doesn't have a light on it. When I take the battery out and leave the charger in, still no LEDS. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I lost my job and have my resumes on it and I
Need to get to my resumes. Thanks in advance

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john albrich Mar 17, 2015, 02:40am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Asus laptop won't turn on HELP!!
If working on your resume' is a critical time "I have to do this yesterday" issue, then I'd postphone until later the hardware debugging procedures, and go to likely faster, more reliable, and safer-to-data methods of accessing your resume'.

If you have a friend that you KNOW is a competent computer tech-head, you may want to consider asking him or her to
(1) remove the hard drive from your laptop and copy the files (or even the entire drive) onto a drive in a working system.


(2) install your hard drive in another computer as an "non-primary" non-bootable drive, and use that computer to work on and distribute your resume'.

Then you may be able to almost immediately work with your resume' with less stress...and debug/repair the laptop at your leisure.

Do that before doing anything major to "debug" your laptop, because sometimes debugging can result in further corruption of, loss of data on, or even damage to the hard drive...(for example, a power "glitch" while you're trying different power debugging trials)

Installing or accessing your laptop 2.5" hard drive on a different computer MAY require an interface adapter...which shouldn't set you back more than US$15 or so. But, in all likelihood it's a SATA hard drive and no adapter will be required if the second system also has a SATA hard drive interface. If necessary, if a desktop computer doesn't have a slot to hold a 2.5" drive, you can use a $5 bracket to install it in a 3.5" drive slot. Or, it can be temporarily "installed" in a 3.5" slot using a single screw, double-sided tape, or with some risk...even temporarily left sitting "loose" on top of another hard drive or on the bottom of the system case...if you're careful to ensure it can't short-out other components in the system.

edit-correct minor format typo

edit to add-Be sure best-possible ESD handling is used while working on the inside of any computer or handling any computer electronic parts (like a hard drive).



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